@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-10-28

by Stephen Tall on October 28, 2011

  • @markpack Actually I think it might be about me, y'know… in reply to markpack #
  • @SamanthaRedJane lol, Sunsay with good behaviour. in reply to SamanthaRedJane #
  • Phew, finished leading fun but exhausting 7-hour seminar on fundraising for universities in Russia. V impressed by quality of questions. #
  • And I now have a jar of caviar to add to my bottle of vodka. The Russians know how to say Thank You in the right style. #
  • @DanielMRussell Just off to hotel gym then early night. That's how I rock my Fridayski nights. in reply to DanielMRussell #
  • Well y'know what they say: when in Moscow have a Czech beer. http://t.co/AS5upFnX #itsbeenalongweek #
  • And to be honest I've drunk in rougher places than this: http://t.co/1IlGqY1P #
  • @travelling_wolf That'll be why the Russian beer was the only drink costing less than a kidney. in reply to travelling_wolf #
  • Btw have been reading David Willetts' The Pinch. He may be a Tory but it's a fantastically thoughtful & important book. #
  • Do svidanya, Moscow, and spasibo for the memories. #backtoblighty #
  • And btw if you thought British airport security was strict, it has *nothing* on Russia's. 3 body/luggage scans, 6 separate security checks. #
  • It's good of Tory right-wing EU-obsessives to remind voters (+ Cameron) why UK much better-off, in every sense, with Coalition govt. #
  • Snowdrops is a fab book, here capturing how intrinsic is the snow to Russians' character. http://t.co/emQXD6cf #Kindle #
  • Hehe, snarkily funny description of (stunning) Moscow Metro here: http://t.co/28Xv1cDo #Kindle #
  • I cannot pretend it wasn't slightly surprising to have my salad sandwich microwaved in its cellophane wrapping. Warm lettuce + botulism. Mmm #
  • Hmm last tweet used phrase 'warm lettuce'. Wd rather a more profound phrase for last tweet befor flying. Y'know, just in case. #
  • There's a gap in the market here, surely? Epigram tweets for use in extremis. #
  • Baggage reclaim: where anticipation and ennui collide. #
  • @NickThornsby @charlotteahenry @markpack @stephentall Eternal Flame?? Like their's is the best version? in reply to NickThornsby #
  • @charlotteahenry @markpack @NickThornsby But alas I'm 34. Wd luv still to have m'finga on teh needle, andyet… in reply to charlotteahenry #
  • @maxatkinson got lost trying to find restaurant (had been given cyrillic not roman name). But was ok on Metro in reply to maxatkinson #
  • @markpack Erm yes that's what I was going for and evidently achieved 🙂 in reply to markpack #
  • @libellous It has advanced I think. Tho bribery still more than possible. in reply to libellous #
  • Can I just say: Snowdrops is the best possible book to read on your return flight from Moscow. Or just anyway. #
  • So it turns out that feeling I had yesterday that I was coming down with a bug was correct. #airportlurgi #
  • @SamanthaRedJane Snowdrops = modern Russia, personal/political corruption, growing up: http://t.co/0dqpM2cw Is fab. in reply to SamanthaRedJane #
  • I just bought: 'Mafia State' by Harding Luke via @amazonkindle http://t.co/Jr69CpnI #

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