What Lib Dem bloggers and tweeters have said about Nick’s speech

by Stephen Tall on September 21, 2011

There’s always a bit of an irony with blogging and party conferences — at the time when the media are most looking for reaction from activists to the leader’s speech most of them are hot-footing it to the train station to return to their normal lives outside the conference bubble.

However, a few Lib Dems have had chance to put finger to keyboard in response to Nick Clegg’s address to close the Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham. Here are those I’ve spotted so far on the Aggregator

And of course my Co-Editor Mark Pack blogged his reaction here on Lib Dem Voice earlier.

Apologies if I’ve missed anyone; please add links below for any I’ve missed or which are posted subsequently.

Oh, and here are a selection of Liberal Tweets:

strmrgn It feels like clegg is gearing up to fight for lib dem values…its about time! #ldconf
miss_s_b Cleggy being nicely rousing on the Human Rights Act. #ldconf
markpack Notable how @nick_clegg’s attacks are on Tory policies and not on Tory personalities #ldconf
meralhece ‘Labour has cowered before News International for decades’ – Nick Clegg. #LDconf
miss_s_b Hurrah for Cleggy giving a shout out to the fabulous @lfeatherstone
RockyLorusso Clegg: for liberals the only struggle worth having is an uphill one #ldconf
MShapland Great speech, be proud of what we’ve achieved as Liberals #ldconf
EnlightBystand A little slow and inward facing at the start, but really good at the end #ldconf
neilmonnery Nick Clegg goes with the children are our future line to end. Overall it was impressive I must say #ldconf
chrisjenkinson Top quality speech from Nick Clegg – so passionate about an equal start in life for all children #ldconf
malcolmbruce Nick’s speech the speech of a joint Prime Minister rather than the deputy.

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