Update on Lib Dem conference accreditation: 5,617 approved, 138 in progress, 150 pending. One person refused.

by Stephen Tall on September 10, 2011

Jon Ball has just updated live from the Lib Dems’ Federal Conference Committee with the latest on the party’s conference accreditation which has provoked such internal controversy in recent weeks:

Lib Dem conference accreditation update from FCC. 5,617 people have been approved. 138 applications are in progress. There are issues with 150 applications in various categories including photos missing or unsuitable and some people (almost all non-members) being asked to provide passports at conference. These are technical issues that are very unlikely to lead to refusal. However, one person has been refused accreditation by the Chair of FCC, the President and the Chief Exec.

My Co-Editor Mark Pack blogged about the background to the issue here, Liberal Democrat conference and security checks, and with some backgrund from others here, LibDem conference accreditation: what others have been saying. Jonathan Calder has also written on the issue at The Guardian’s Comment is Free: Lib Dem conference fiasco has left few members smiling.