@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-09-09

by Stephen Tall on September 9, 2011

  • "We're all off to the seaside" announces train driver. Cheery. Alas wrong. #backtotheoffice #
  • Haven't read M Wolf art yet but surely characteristic of slow recov is it follows a boom built on credit not inc in productivity (in West)? #
  • RT @rorybremner: Looking forward to Madonna's film about Wallis. Who plays Gromit? Β« Ed Mili of course. #
  • @neilfawcett Your eldest has a flat? Makes *me* feel old… in reply to neilfawcett #
  • Having Outnumbered back on telly makes autumn worthwhile. #
  • Fair assessment of the Lib Dem London mayoral race from Dave Hill http://t.co/p5StiTE. Conclusion: "Congratulations, Brian. I'm all ears." #
  • I tell you one thing: this never happened in the days of Bernie the Bolt. #redandblack #
  • @mssusieday Sorry, missed that… I went to collect the washing. Had been so enthralled. in reply to mssusieday #
  • Since when did not crying when watching ITV make me unusual? #
  • Choosing a new phone: caught between dilemma of whether to go Android (HTC or Samsung?) or iPhone. #totallyindecisive #
  • @mssusieday I have my iPad for Banagrams tho, yay πŸ™‚ in reply to mssusieday #
  • @artesea Thx, the SII's the one I'm looking at – tho on 3, I'm afraid πŸ˜‰ in reply to artesea #
  • @mssusieday erm, yeah, that too. in reply to mssusieday #
  • Yay, Android bought. Now all I have to do is work out how to use it. This tweet is proof I'm starting to. *crosses fingers* #
  • @jesseboucher @artesea Am typing this on my new S2 πŸ™‚ in reply to jesseboucher #
  • Mark Lawson on Ross's ITV return: "This felt like an edition of Aspel & Company with the addition of a fellatio joke." http://t.co/JOrQyej #
  • Genuinely impressed by Orange customer services when I called to request PAC code today: profuse thx for past custom, no hard sell. #x2tick #
  • @travelling_wolf Actually, no: overseas call-centre. Followed up w/ txt questionnaire to validate service std. Impressed. in reply to travelling_wolf #
  • Finally cracked & bought fab The Golden Age, soundtrack to /that/ great Heineken ad. Still won't buy their beer tho. http://t.co/GLc7gjH #
  • @OllyGrender Huge congratulations on the appointment. When do you start? in reply to OllyGrender #
  • "He said it right". Ah, love the optimistic sentementalism of Galileo 5. And, yes, I'm watching West Wing. #howyouknowmygirlfriendisaway #
  • Eating pie, tweeting while eating pie, working while tweeting while eating pie. #othersignsmygirlfriendisaway #
  • @hypnotic Doesn't that make you Derren Brown. Jonathan Creek would be if you were in a locked room in the supermarket, surely? in reply to hypnotic #
  • @hypnotic Okay, you win. But I bet there was a locked room involved somewhere πŸ™‚ in reply to hypnotic #
  • @KarenShale Oh good grief πŸ™‚ in reply to KarenShale #
  • "You said it right that time". #galileo5 #
  • Fun time doing advance BBC Breakfast interview for #ldconf today. Interviewer surprised by how united party is after hard 1st year in govt. #
  • M'friend @Natt on Ed Miliband: "he looks like a startled broom staring up from the bottom of a haunted well" > http://t.co/xMipOaE #
  • @alixmortimer Do political interview patterns ever get retired simply cos they're old tho? in reply to alixmortimer #
  • @heyjames Day of Cleggy's #ldconf speech, I think (if they use my bit at all). in reply to heyjames #
  • @mjturner1975 Agreed. Tho there's been similar 'Cleggover' sniggering in the past too. More puerile than sexist. But a very male sound. in reply to mjturner1975 #
  • "The year is one week old… & we can't put a forkfull of waffles in our mouth without coughing up the ball." #westwingquotes #
  • This is now my penultimate day acting-up as the University of Oxford's director of development. It's been a blast, but y'know what? Yay πŸ™‚ #
  • @libdemvoice Lol, as I believe the kidzzz say… in reply to libdemvoice #
  • There's a reason I have a girl-friend (beyind the love/affection/yada-yada)… She stops me pissing round on the internet til all hours… #
  • My Twitter feed suggests the NHS died today. Hmmm. Bet you a guinea or two it's still around, free at point of use, by 2015 #hyperbollocks #

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