My definitely-not-touting-for-your-vote, obligatorily-self-promoting-post: ‘Have you voted yet in the Total Politics blog awards?’

by Stephen Tall on August 15, 2011

Ah, blogging awards! The chance for us self-publishers to self-promote our writing wares in the vague hope of recognition beyond self.

The Total Politics Blog Awards are upon us again, and you can vote here.

In 2011, Total Politics is rightly acknowledging that blogging is about authorship, not site, which is a good thing. In common with many bloggers, my writing is spread around: mostly on, and a handful of posts on Dale & Company, and some original stuff here (though as Wikio shows site is a mere minnow, even within blogging’s small pond). If you want to read a wider audience, it makes sense.

Not that I’m touting for your vote (PUH-leeease, the very thought! The link’s here, by the way. Just for your reference, mind.)

Actually, I’m genuinely not touting. For the past year, paid work has trumped my unpaid hobby, and the time I’ve had available to blog has been extremely limited. And actually I’ve not minded one bit. My new job has been a genuine joy: hard work but stimulating, and constantly changing. I arrive at work at 7.30 am, leave about 12 hours later, and don’t resent a moment of the time spent there. For a number of years, blogging was my principal creative outlet. It no longer is, and that’s just fine.

But still, if you’re at all inclined… here’s the handy link again.

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