Lib Dems win council seat from the Tories in… Eton

by Stephen Tall on August 12, 2011

As Helen Duffett’s Lib Dem Voice council election results round-up highlighted, the Lib Dems last night gained a seat from the Conservatives — in a seat that might have been thought to be True Blue territory, Eton and Castle ward in the Berkshire borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Congratulations to George Fussey! Here’s how the […]

@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-08-12

by Stephen Tall on August 12, 2011

I guess this is what Sat afternoons are for – according to Mia + Leo anyhoo # @matttcasey We've downgraded them to Iaa+ms cat-food actually. Now they know. in reply to matttcasey # RT @NigelNelson People poll tomorrow shows (…)

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