LDVideo: Vince and Shirley’s war on Murdoch, while Nick savages PCC as “busted flush”

by Stephen Tall on July 9, 2011

There’s no doubt about the big story this week: Rupert Murdoch being forced to close the biggest-selling British newspaper in a brazen bid to ride out the illegal hacking story that threatens his media empire.

Vince Cable’s prophetic powers first came to prominence during the economic storm that came close to collapsing the banking system. Last December, he accidentally went on the record to make clear his wish to clip Rupert Murdoch’s wings. Ironically, it was the Telegraph’s widely condemned subterfuge which stopped Vince in his tracks, and prevented his ability to hold to account the company where illegal hacking was rife. Here’s what he inadvertently revealed to the Telegraph last year:

(Also available on the Telegraph website here.)

Then there’s ‘Our Shirl’, Baroness Williams, who powerfully made the point on Question Time this week that the Liberal Democrats alone have refused to play footsie with Rupert and Rebekah — unlike David Cameron, who dines at Ms Brooks’ table at Christmas, or Ed Miliband, who just a few days ago paid court at News International’s summer party:

(Also available on YouTube here.)

And let’s not forget the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, who warned David Cameron against appointing the tainted Andy Coulson to the Downing Street communications post he was forced out of earlier this year. Here he is condemning in no uncertain terms the media’s and police’s scandalous misjudgements alongside the failings of the self-regulatory body, the Press Complaints Commission, which he labels a “busted flush”:

(Also available on the BBC website here.)