Does Labour have a ‘Plan B’ for the economy at the next election?

by Stephen Tall on June 19, 2011

The question is repeatedly asked of the Coalition and its economic policy of deficit reduction: do you have a Plan B? (It is, by the way, a ludicrous question to ask — Steve Richards, the left-leaning Independent commentator, has acknowledged as much: ‘The debate is silly because no Chancellor can acknowledge an alternative route in […]

Cable and Alexander on union strike threats: there’s got to be pensions reform, but we want to negotiate

by Stephen Tall on June 18, 2011

With trade unions threatening “sustained and indefinite” strike action if the Coalition goes ahead with its aims to reform public sector pensions in line with Labour peer Lord Hutton’s recommendations, Lib Dem cabinet ministers have been sticking to a simple message to calm the situation: there has to be reform, but we’re very hapy to […]

“Delivering this is going to be very difficult” – Tory peer Strathclyde’s verdict on Lords reform

by Stephen Tall on June 18, 2011

Let’s start with the good news — Lord Strathclyde, the Tory leader in the Lords is a self-styled “long-term supporter” of reform of the Upper House. Now for the bad news — he’s pessimistic that the Coalition will actualy deliver elected senators by 2015, the deadline set by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg. Here’s what […]

What Nick can do next…

by Stephen Tall on June 18, 2011

The Guardian’s Michael White poses the tricky question for Liberal Democrats — “Nick Clegg is doing better, but will it be enough?” — on his blog, following Nick’s well-received speech to the Parliamentary Press Gallery. As Michael points out, only the sharp jokes were reported in the media, rather than the substance which accompanied them […]

@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-06-17

by Stephen Tall on June 17, 2011

RT @medianooze Radio News: Danny Baker: The DJ who lost his voice < fascinating interview # RT @guardian D Miliband – the speech he wd have given if he'd won < disagree with lots, but how Lab must (…)

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What’s the difference between Ryan Giggs and Ed Miliband? Nick Clegg tells all…

by Stephen Tall on June 16, 2011

In the USA they have the White House correspondents’ dinner, an occasion for leading politicians to take pot-shots at the media, themselves, and – most crucially – their opponents. Barack Obama’s quip-assault on Donald Trump ended the wannabe Republican presidential hopes before they’d begun. The UK has no equivalent, but (as PoliticsHome’s Paul Waugh notes) […]

@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-06-10

by Stephen Tall on June 10, 2011

RT @carolinepidgeon Tragic news about Andrew Reeves (@andyreeves). He was a great campaigner and will be hugely missed. Very sad day. < RIP # How's your email sign-up list looking? Here's a couple of great ideas to think about: (…)

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@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-06-03

by Stephen Tall on June 3, 2011

RT @markpack Elect Commissn rejects expenses complaint against Huhne < good work exposing @guidofawkes fishing ego-trip # Hedgehogs trump foxes? >> The history of spin bowling: Cricket’s revolutionaries via @theeconomist # Bagehot: Britain’s feral press: a plan (…)

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