LDVideo: Jon Stewart takes aim at Fox News and media sensationalism

by Stephen Tall on June 26, 2011

To US liberals, he’s something of a hero; to conservatives he’d be a bête noire if they could stomach the use of a foreign label. Jon Stewart’s satirical The Daily Show has become a cultural institution in America (and something of a cult hit here) because of the host’s pin-sharp riffs against politicians and the media.

And what better, more deserving, target could there be than News International’s conservative polemical shock-jock channel, Fox News? Jon Stewart recently agreed to go toe-to-toe with Chris Wallace, one of its more intelligent interviewers.

The result is a vigorous and surprisingly nuanced 15-minute debate, which touches on issues just as relevant to the UK — especially the 24×7 news media’s destructive sensationalising of issues needing balance, regardless of whether their agenda is driven by liberals or conservatives. In the light of this week’s Milly Dowler case, or the recent character assasination of Christopher Jefferies, it’s more important than ever.

(Also available on YouTube here.)

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Just brilliant. RT @stephentall New post: LDVideo: Jon Stewart takes aim at Fox News and media sensationalism http://t.co/GxyLHKH

by Daniel Russell on June 26, 2011 at 3:51 pm. Reply #

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