@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-05-20

by Stephen Tall on May 20, 2011

  • Okay, so I've been totally converted to Misfits. Better than Skins (tho I still prefer Skins, u get me?). But big up for C4. #
  • Tortillas, tacos and tempranillo ready: so bring it on #Eurovision #
  • Okay, so my faves in order: Moldova, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Georgia. This is done under STV, yes? #eurovision #
  • @artesea Who knew demcracy was so expensive? in reply to artesea #
  • @po8crg Ok, so if Blue win I call the Borda police? #badoomching in reply to po8crg #
  • Phew, just got my vote in for Moldova in nick of time. #eurovision #
  • RT @ruskin147 “@neilmidgley: Not much going on on Grindr, oddly” possibly my favourite tweet of the night…< lol #
  • @heyjames That hats won it for me. And Blue were awful (sorry). in reply to heyjames #
  • RT @sjharte @stephentall you shouldn't know what Grindr is < But I'm a Lib Dem! #
  • Well done UK for voting for Moldova and Jedward. But Switzerland, seriously? You're the guys who voted #no2AV yeah? #eurovision #
  • Thank you BBC for reminding me how shit Azerbaijan's piece of pop-cack was. #eurovision #
  • Since when did the "left hand side of the screen" become a psychologically crucial measure of #eurovision success? #
  • Azaerbaijan, WTF? And I thought democracy screwed up last week… #eurovison #
  • Most annoying thing is, much as I hate Azerbaijan's song tonight, I'll hear it next year and think, "Oh, it's not so bad". #eurovision #
  • Really good interview with Alan Johnson (apologies you have to visit the Mail website to access it): http://bit.ly/md7ULo #
  • 'There is more to philanthropy—much more—than just giving money away' via @TheEconomist http://econ.st/lgfIox < some great points here. #
  • RT @libdig If Eurovision used FPTP, Bosnia & Herz would've won with just 11.6% of the vote, says Lorna Spenceley http://libdig.co.uk/2715 #
  • RT @libdemvoice Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #221 http://ldv.org.uk/24149 < ooh, I've made it in for 1st time since like 4ever #
  • @helenduffett Thank you 🙂 #
  • At Oxford Fulbright lecture w/ Anne-Marie Slaughter on US Foreign Policy, 2009-10. Tweets follow… #
  • 1960s Cuban crisis + test-ban treaty – fascinating comparisons w/ today #FulbrightAMS #
  • 1) In 60s v limited number of true state powers: 5-7, dominated by US + USSR. #FulbrightAMS #
  • 2) In 60s, v limited number of 'state actors' – only a handful of men mattered. #FulbrightAMS #
  • 3) Much more thin lines of communications in 60s foreign policy: dialogue thru cables + embassies. #FulbrightAMS #
  • 4) Default position of states in 60s was that inter-state conflict possible/likely/certain. #FulbrightAMS #
  • 5) Success in foreign policy in 60s based on simplistic 'game theory' of who blinks first. #FulbrightAMS #
  • Contrast of 60s foreign policy + now marked: many important states + non-state actors, many lines of comms in complex networks #FulbrightAMS #
  • Marked turn since Obama administation, claims Anne-Marie Slaughter #FulbrightAMS #
  • Development policy (aid as 'soft power') seen as key aim of US foreign policy: State + USAID work/budget together #FulbrightAMS #
  • H Clinton will talk w/ counterparts about polio in Nigeria, HIV in S Africa, internet freedom in India/China #FulbrightAMS #
  • US state office now has youth strategy – why? Because 60% of Mid-East population under 30. #FulbrightAMS #
  • US public diplomacy now genuinely participatory, dialogue thru on_the_ground aid programmes. #FulbrightAMS #
  • US govt tries to enable society-society interaction as part of strategic diplomacy: connect NGOs, corporates, charities etc #FulbrightAMS #
  • Shift from anarchic society of states (60s) to networked soc of individs + groups where govts embedded (now) #FulbrightAMSd #
  • Q re role of multilateralism + NATO. Anne-Marie Slaughter: NATO + EU shd partner more. #FulbrightAMS #
  • Even as India + China become largest global economies they'll remain developing countries as per capita income v low #FulbrightAMS #
  • US foreign policy shift from command + control to coordinating + networking. #FulbrightAMS #
  • Acknowledgement that Bush II doubled foreign aid: Obama building/adapting existing secular trend. #FulbrightAMS #

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