Obama KOs Osama and ‘The Donald’

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2011

It’s been a week when President Obama has given his opponents one helluva shellacking.

The precision assassination of Osama bin Laden owes much to the work of the US intelligence services and military; but it will be the Commander-in-Chief who reaps the electoral rewards. A second term depends on the economy bouncing back, but what this action will have succeeded in (beyond its counter-terrorism significance) is allaying public fears that Obama lacks the sheer cojones to take on the USA’s bloodiest enemies.

More than anything else, taking out Osama justifies the President’s self-confidence in his cool, calm, collected approach, his better-to-wait-and-get-it-right-than-be-quick-and-get-it-wrong decision-making.

But Osama isn’t the only opponent Obama has laid to rest this week. At the weekend, it was newbie leader of the ‘Birther’ movement and entrepreneur-turned-reality-TV star, Donald Trump, who was torpedoed by the President at the annual White House correspondents’ dinner in a bitingly funny speech:

That killer pay-off, “And these are the kinds of decisions that would keep me up at night,” put paid to ‘The Donald’s’ presidential ambitions, as surely as did his graceless refusal to look anything other than put-out. And it’s a line which feels a lot more telling today than even could have seemed possible when first scripted.