Nick Clegg is wrong on Oxbridge and free school lunches

by Stephen Tall on April 5, 2011

An otherwise intelligently realistic article jointly authored by Nick Clegg and Iain Duncan Smith in today’s Telegraph is let down by a glaring inaccuracy: Millions of children have doors closed to them. One in five qualify for school meals – (…)

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Pollwatch – State of the Leaders: Clegg -25%, Cameron -6%, Miliband -10% (April 2011)

by Stephen Tall on April 5, 2011

Yesterday, Pollwatch looked at the current state of the parties; today it’s the turn of the party leaders, Messrs Clegg, Cameron and Miliband. As with all polls, what follows comes with caveats. Five of the polling companies – YouGov, Ipsos-Mori, ComRes, ICM and Angus Reid – ask questions specifically to find out the public’s views […]