Hmmm, Guido – forgotten to declare your interest?

by Stephen Tall on January 12, 2011

It’s rare for Paul Staines, the founder of the Guido Fawkes blog, to express warm and positive views — yet today’s an exception, with the launch of the No2AV campaign’s website winning his plaudits:

Promising stuff from the No2AV campaign as their website goes live today, plenty more to come too apparently.

Indeed, so excited was Paul that he completely omitted to declare his own interest in No2AV’s website. Instead we have to turn to The Guardian to find out that it was designed by MessageSpace, whose majority shareholder — the company’s website tells us — is “Global and General Nominees, advised by Paul Staines”.

Forgetting to declare your own interest in a product that you’re praising — sounds like just the sort of thing the Guido Fawkes website should investigate.

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PS: here’s our declaration of interest — Lib Dem Voice carries advertising sold by MessageSpace.

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