No2AV campaign left red-faced by list gaffes

by Stephen Tall on January 5, 2011

Last week I posted to Lib Dem Voice what I thought to be an accurate list of the 100+ Labour MPs who had proudly announced they would be opposing electoral reform in the May referendum.

I assumed it must be accurate… after all, the list was taken directly from the No2AV campaign’s official website. Surely they would have checked with each MP before publishing their name, I thought. Not carefully enough, it turns out.

As Left Foot Forward has highlighted, five Labour MPs named by No2AV as opponents of electoral reform have been listed incorrectly — take a bow Barry Sheerman, Alun Michael, Ivan Lewis, Albert Owen and Meg Hillier.

Mind you, that does still leave 109 out of 257 Labour MPs publicly opposed to reforming the UK’s broken electoral system, which last May ensured 98.4% of the public’s votes made no difference to the result.