@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-11-05

by Stephen Tall on November 5, 2010

  • Final final day in my old job. My desk is clear at last. Now I've 5 days of R+R to get ready for the new one! http://plixi.com/p/54124637 #
  • Not sure I've got the hang of this holiday lark. Awake since 6am. I blame the cats, who've not yet worked out the clocks went back an hour. #
  • Ah, this is more like a holiday. On the sofa leafing through y'day's papers, watching last week's Poirot. #relaxing #
  • @matttcasey Hi Matt, might be able to help on 5th but prob heading to London that day. Hope goes well. in reply to matttcasey #
  • Depressing proof that selling a shit service sometimes works: 'Ryanair's profits soar on higher passenger numbers' http://bbc.in/a2kp2h #
  • RT @mediaguardian UK newspapers are covering less world news http://bit.ly/aGsg3Y > shame but inevit response to economics + reader demand. #
  • @alexvtunzelmann Morning! Cheap to get copy when big story breaks, v expensive to maintain year-round news-desk w/ good-qual analysis. in reply to alexvtunzelmann #
  • @alexvtunzelmann But half-agree on reader demand led by editorial: one reason Economist's circuln conts to rise: gives context to news. in reply to alexvtunzelmann #
  • Thanks @maxatkinson for introducing me to this clip 'Would Monty Python's merchant banker have spent £1 on a poppy?' http://bit.ly/9B8igY #
  • A further 2-week reprieve for Bloglines RSS-users http://blog.ask.com/ #
  • Dialling 9 for an outside number when you're on holiday at home #signsthattellyouitwastimeforabreak #
  • Somehow a child screaming at you is so much more adorable when the words are, 'I don't want Uncle Stephen to go'. #
  • RT @jeremyharg: @stephentall Surely how every LDV editorial conference ends? « Oh, y'know us so weel, Jeremy 🙂 #
  • Tell me, would you take a group of small children to a dark crowded noisy live music gig? Odd parenting on display at O2, Oxford. #
  • Am at Oxford O2 for Yann Tiersen gig btw, looking forward to it. Ah holidays 🙂 #
  • Thanks for tweets @xentahl @travelling_wolf @howardlake brief Yann Tiersen review now up here http://bit.ly/dcY5KU #
  • Holiday task for day accomplished: visit to optician. No need for glasses still, hurray (except if want to read opera surtitles apparently). #
  • Is Cilla Black? #namesasquestions #
  • RT @libdig Ten tips for the Liberal Democrats | Julian Glover in The Guardian http://libdig.co.uk/2302 #
  • Can Kirsty Wark? #namesasquestions #
  • Why telly and politics don't mix: 'Downton Abbey: an anorak writes…' by Iain Sharpe http://bit.ly/bPD1Kl #
  • @LonelyWonderer In principle, I'm against a cap, but okay with it as an interim measure. Folk need years to adjust to new funding system. in reply to LonelyWonderer #

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