I’ve been a bit busy lately. Here’s why.

by Stephen Tall on November 1, 2010

Those of you who are kind enough to read this blog, or who follow me on Twitter, will have noticed a marked lack of activity these past few weeks. It’s not been for lack of political news — I have views, plenty of ’em, on the Lib Dems’ tuition fees U-turn (strongly support it) and on the Comprehensive Spending Review (mostly support it) — but for the lack of time in whcih to jot them down.

‘Why?’, you ask me (assuming I heard you aright). Well, last Friday* marked my final day as director of development for the Bodleian Libraries, the University of Oxford’s world-renowned (and, more importantly, very pretty) research libraries. The last three weeks, therefore, was spent working round-the-clock trying to get done all the stuff I’d been working on over the past three years. Mainly this was tying up loose ends. Sometimes it involved trying to write down the detail of the loose ends which remain so that my successor has better luck tying them up than I did.

‘What next?’, you ask me (and thank you for your continuing interest). Well, I’m not moving far. Today, Monday**, marks my first day in a new role within the University of Oxford, as associate director for supporter engagement within the development office. I’ll be heading up five teams, all of which have as their aim generating financial support for students and academic initiatives within the University. It’s a new post, so I have the fun of trying to work out exactly what the job description means in everyday reality. Wish me luck… And perhaps more to the point: wish my teams luck.

* actually, as I worked through the weekend, Sunday was really my last day.

** actually, I’ve taken a week’s leave, so my first real day will be next Monday, 8th November.

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