My 5 Christmas present suggestions: the unexpurgated version

by Stephen Tall on October 19, 2010

Over at, my Co-Editor Mark Pack presents seven ideas from Lib Dem bloggers for those who are already planning their Christmas shopping. One of my own suggestions is included, but as I came up with five in total here they are in their entirety…

1) Amazon’s Kindle
Over the last year I’ve learned to love my Kindle. At first I thought I would miss the tactile pleasure of the printed page. But then I went on holiday, and, oh, the joy of knowing I had a book to suit my every mood, and that if I didn’t I could just download whatever I fancied in 60 seconds. I love the shiny show-offness of the iPad, but if you want portability and readability at a fraction of the cost, the Kindle is just fab: thousands of affordable books at your fingertips.

2) Tim Minchin – Ready For This?
The bastard love-child of Eddie Izzard and Victoria Wood, Tim Minchin’s style of cabaret comedy combines an inspirational mix of songs and stand-up. Clever and sweet, sweary and provocative –and always gramatically-correct — this is seriously cool evidence-based funny.

3) Freedom – Jonathan Franzen
There is no writer better at dissecting the ordinary, exploring the humdrum, dignifying the mundane — somehow managing to create sweepingly page-turning, humane sagas which are also works of Great Literature.

4) The Thick of It Collection
“Irreverent, brilliantly sweary and painfully funny, this series smashes its way through the corridors of power in a bulldozer of hilarious farce and sharp satire,” says the blurb. All true. And Malcolm ‘Come the fuck in, or fuck the fuck off’ Tucker is a genius creation.

5) Eminent Corporations – David Boyle
We are promised a book which ‘spills the beans by telling the real life stories of some of the biggest corporate names, and finds them as dramatic, flawed and revealing as any human biography’. I love how David’s writing attempts to re-humanise society, to allow us all to enjoy the potentiality of our imagination, and not be squashed by man-made constructs.

And no, I’m not on commission… but click on any of the links above and purchase something (anything), and will get a referral fee from Amazon.

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