@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-10-08

by Stephen Tall on October 8, 2010

  • @alexfoster Agree, main Kindle use = h'day leisure reading. Tragically my wifi seems to have died, can still d'load via laptop but meh still in reply to alexfoster #
  • @phil_reilly Many thanks for the #ff Phil. Have a great weekend. in reply to phil_reilly #
  • Have decided that, somewhat ironically, Tim Minchin proves there must be a God. #genius #
  • @CllrIainRoberts Ah, love Look Back at 90s. Tho Little Blighty on the Down is the bestest R4 11pm nostalgiafest. in reply to CllrIainRoberts #
  • Just off to @BodleianLibs Duke Humfrey's Night fundraiser: over £40k so far pledged to help the Bod acquire/conserve rare artefacts. #
  • The scene inside Duke Humfrey's Night @bodleianlibs, as guests view (and donate to) rare books + manuscripts. http://plixi.com/p/48362160 #
  • Duke Humfrey's Night closes with at least £64,000 raised for @bodleianlibs rare books + manuscripts. More money still coming in. #
  • Fancied a change of profile pic. Gone are the aqua waters of my holiday in Turkey. Instead welcome the tired eye-bags of #ldconf #
  • @helenduffett Of course. Not that I puckered. in reply to helenduffett #
  • Images from @BodleianLibs Duke Humfrey's Night now available: http://bit.ly/bDDPAe Thank you to everyone who attended or contributed! #
  • Okay, 12 hours at work, then an hour's Spanish lesson. Ahora quiero dormir. Buenas noches, twamigos. #

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