+++ Ed Miliband elected new Labour leader: loses on members and MPs, wins big among unions

by Stephen Tall on September 25, 2010

It’s official. Ed Miliband has just been announced Labour’s new leader by the narowest of margins, 50.4% to brother David’s 49.6%. But what’s most fascinating is to see the final breakdown of votes after the re-distribution of preference votes:

  • Among party membersDavid Miliband won 54% to 46%;
  • Among MPs/MEPsDavid Miliband won 53% to 47%;
  • Among trade unionsEd Miliband won 60% to 40%.

So that narrowest of wins is down to the trade unions delivering their bloc vote to Ed. I imagine they will expect him to be duly grateful. That’s not a good thing for Labour, or indeed the country.

Update: The full breakdown of results is now available on the Labour party website here.

Here’s how the votes changed over the course of the four rounds of voting:

    Ed Miliband 34% // 37% // 41% // 51%
    David Miliband 38% // 39% // 43% // 49%
    Ed Balls 12% // 13% // 16%
    Andy Burnham 9% // 10%
    Diane Abbott 7%

The full results among the membership are here;
The full results among MPs/MEPs are here; and
The full results among unions/affiliates are here.