@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-09-17

by Stephen Tall on September 17, 2010

  • Is @paulwaugh the new Justin Bieber? (Congrats, obvs.) #
  • Ooh, I see the @libdemvoice Team tweets are now appearing on the homepage. Will now have to be non-sweary and grown-up. #
  • Have just ordered Stephen Fry's new autobiog. Helps make up for missing him play Oxford – clashes with @libdemvoice BOTY #ldconf awards. #
  • @politicshomeuk Thanks, have updated the post accordingly. #
  • RT @LiberalVision The Central Question http://bit.ly/9w3MZx << Interesting: shd the LDs make being the 'centre party' our USP? #
  • Listening to Babyshambles' Down in Albion: had forgotten what a fantastic album it is. Gawd bless Pete Doherty. #
  • RT @libdig Party Presidency: a job description @honladymark offers us an inside-track on what it takes http://libdig.co.uk/2206 #
  • Am hugely impressed by the WordPress app for the iPad. Functional, intuitive and (most importantly) pretty. #
  • Excitement: today's the day my office finally ditches the awful LotusNotes in favour of the lovely Outlook. Let joy be unconfined. #
  • Just handed in my BlackBerry (pending work server transfer to MS Exchange). Also no watch on wrist (battery dead). #feelingutterlynaked #
  • Anyone tried http://www.goldmail.com/ – if yes, what do you make of it? #
  • @hopisen hmm, I find Simon Jenkins unreadably rubbish on the Lib Dems. This article http://bit.ly/9XVXUP no exceptn. V good on Lab tho 🙂 in reply to hopisen #
  • Want to watch good, informed, interesting debate? Then switch over from spk-by-numbers #bbcqt to fascinating #newsnight discussn on religion #
  • Well, I still don't like Ed Balls but he's having the best of tonight's #bbcqt #
  • @paulwaugh Is this really the best Mili-E has been in the campaign? Christ… #
  • 'Nuff respect to Mili-D for giving straight-not-glib answer to firefighters strike question. #
  • Diane Abbott – a pundit not a leader. Agree with her on civil libs but woefully out of her depth #instantbbcqtverdict #
  • Ed Balls – the winner of tonight for me. His tribalism is everything that's wrong about politics. But impressive 2nite #instantbbcqtverdict #
  • Andy Burnham – kudos for honesty on cuts (a rarity in Lab ranks). But needs more than feel-good platitudes. #instantbbcqtverdict #
  • Ed Milband – I genuinely thought he was worst of the lot (ok, after Diane). Vacuous waffle with a dollop of ill-humour #instantbbcqtverdict #
  • David Miliband – has swotted up on 'how to be a statesman' but by God it's effective. Lab wd be mad not to choose him. #instantbbcqtverdict #
  • @dazmando Will certainly lose him votes when LD + Tory HQs start quoting him (along with Liam Byrne's infamous note) ad infinitum. #
  • @agnt_orange Sorry, I don't *want* to be impressed by Mili-D, but he's in a diff class to the others. (Even to Balls, who, ugh, was v good). in reply to agnt_orange #
  • @DrEvanHarris Excellent stuff on Newsnight btw. Actually whole package v good, much better than Lab leadership #bbcqt in reply to DrEvanHarris #
  • @agnt_orange TY, that's good enough to serve as my epitaph 🙂 in reply to agnt_orange #
  • @sarabedford You iron before #ldconf What standing orders is this in? in reply to sarabedford #
  • Happy (oh so happy) to report that, after a few hours' chaos, work email migration done. FU LotusNotes, TY Outlook. #delightedrelief #

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