Chilean miners, Labour Milibands and BBC cutbacks/attacks: reviewing the papers for BBC Radio Oxford

by Stephen Tall on August 28, 2010

I had the fun of reviewing the Saturday papers for this morning’s BBC Radio Oxford breakfast show… I say fun: doing the programme is, having to get up early for the 30-minute cycle somewhat less so.

Presented by Phil Mercer – whose last breakfast show it was, as he’s now moving to the later drivetime slot – it’s a nice relaxed format. In at 8am to leaf through the papers, and pick out three stories to discuss: I went with the Chilean miners, the Labour leadership tussle, and BBC DG Mark Thompson’s cutbacks and attacks on Sky.

Then a brief update on the Bodleian Libraries’ plans to open up new public exhibition space right in the heart of the city centre, and a quick taking-of-the-Lib-Dem-pulse ahead of our Liverpool conference next month.

If you want to hear my 10 minutes, this link should take you straight there. (If not it starts at 2h, 54m and 40s.)