87% back Lib Dem Lynne’s rogue wheel clamping clamp-down

by Stephen Tall on August 22, 2010

Lib Dem Voice reported earlier this week the news that Lynne Featherstone had secured government support for a new policy to ban wheel clamping and towing away of vehicles on private property, bringing England and Wales in line with Scotland.

YouGov asked the following question directly of members of the public:

The government have announced they intend to ban wheel clamping on private land. Under their plans only
the police and local councils would have the right to use wheel clamps or tow cars away. Would you support or oppose a ban on private wheel clamping firms?

The result? 87% supported the clamping ban, with just 7% in opposition, and the rest undecided.

(Hat-tip: Lynne’s blog.)