@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-08-20

by Stephen Tall on August 20, 2010

  • Hmmm, all smells a bit of cannabis + I must be oldest person here. Feels like I'm in my own episode of Skins. #
  • Sitting in a tent in a wet English field: must be a #summerfestival http://twitpic.com/2enpni #
  • Just off to BBC studio for Radio 4 W'minster Hour discussion with @iaindale and @hopisen. On about 10.15pm. #
  • My lonely view in BBC Oxf waiting for Radio 4 W'minster Hour w/ @iaindale + @hopisen http://twitpic.com/2f44wv #
  • "@helenduffett: @stephentall Did you take your "big and expanding tent" to #summerfestival?" — wd have helped ward off rain 🙂 #
  • @NickThornsby Just because @iaindale agrees with me doesn't make me wrong 🙂 in reply to NickThornsby #
  • Fun BBC R4 discussion on social mobility, coalition's 100 days + Lab leadership on W'minster Hour w/ @hopisen + @i http://twitpic.com/2f4ixm #
  • "@richardblogger: Westminster Hour: @stephentall apprehensive @iaindale arrogant & @hopisen sage-like" — one of my better reviews 🙂 #
  • Catching up w/ Twitter, discover @helenduffett has tatoo of @TimMontgomerie on her BOTY. Who knew? (Via @sarabedford, @CllrIainRoberts) #
  • Does print have a future? Peter Preston on magazines' success http://bit.ly/9Y8jOC + @markpack on newspapers' failure http://bit.ly/aId5Bz #
  • RT @ExtraBold @sunny_hundal … because you're converting to Catholicism? << far worse than that! http://bit.ly/bqCvep #
  • But only if they actually pay > RT @jackofkent Or gains 1.6m paying readers… RT @MediaWeek: Times loses 1.2m readers http://bit.ly/aFkdGj #
  • @ns_mehdihasan sets out to debunk @gabyhinsliff, ends up re-inforcing her point http://bit.ly/984OOd: some on left behaving like bad losers. #
  • RT @markpack Wondering how many of those knocking Blair giving money to charity would also be complaining if he wasn't << Quite. #
  • Sky's @joncraig defends dodgy pseudo-polling http://bit.ly/aUcGgU I'm with Anthony Wells: just don't bloody publish it http://bit.ly/aNfRJV #
  • @RuthBarnett Do you really think an unrepresentative survey deserves top billing on Sky News as an exclusive with a sensational headline? #
  • Good to see SkyNews now downplaying pseudo-poll from 'EXCLUSIVE' to 'Sky survey'. Cd just admit its worthless spin http://ldv.org.uk/20757 #
  • Was going 2 blog am impressed by Ukip leader Lord Pearson's honest "not up to 2 job" resignatn but @markpack said it http://ldv.org.uk/20752 #
  • RT @DavidAngell So simple but really, quite incredible: http://howbigreally.com/ << agreed, makes the global local. #
  • I have a day's leave tmrw: by which I mean to say I have 2 book reviews + 2 speeches to write, a backlog of blogposts, + a stack of reading. #
  • @DavidAngell Thanks for suggestn, will take a look. in reply to DavidAngell #
  • I see @kevinmaguire reckons Coalition will out-Thatcher Maggie. Has he forgotten Darling talk of Lab's 'deeper + tougher' cuts than Thatch? #
  • I almost admire how BBC almost completely edited the Lib Dems out of their video montage of 100 days of Coalition http://bbc.in/9XbTwK #
  • RT @TimMontgomerie A simple guide to the most powerful advisers to Cameron and Clegg http://is.gd/emXaw << very interesting read. #
  • And doing a fab job >> @DrEvanHarris: About to do sky news on the coalition's first 100 days. Live #
  • Clegg 100 days speech: "really proud" of start Coalition has made so far. But Govt about much more than cuts: about l-t solutions. #
  • Clegg: nothing fair about huge deficits, saddling next generation with huge debts. Tough choices vital to enable govt to do what it wants. #
  • Clegg: Fairness demands that no-one shd be held back by circs of birth. Life chances shd be determined by talent, ability, determination. #
  • Clegg: we can already predict lives of too many babies born today. Odds stacked against some, favour others. That's wrong. #
  • Clegg: Lab failed on social mobility cos confused about aims; too centralised + target-obsessed – too much activity, too little success. #
  • Clegg: parents at front-line of social mobility – have four times greater impact than child's socio-economic background. #
  • Clegg: we need to attack "educational apartheid" that exists between vocational/academic qualificiations, between FE and HE. #
  • RT @C4politics Clegg quotes from Willetts' book: competitn for professional jobs is like English tennis – mostly between the middle classes #
  • Clegg to chair new ministerial c'ttee dedicated to social mobility, with new strategy to be independently reviewed by Lab's Alan Milburn. #
  • Clegg: Milburn not the sort of person you appoint as independent social mobility reviewer if you want a quiet life. #
  • Clegg: I want children born in 2015 to be less constrained by circs of birth. Social mobility shd be right of the many not privilege of few. #
  • Clegg speech over. Verdict: focused, clear, ambitious but realistic. But how to address absol soc mobility in this econ climate v diffic. #
  • RT @El_Cuervo Clegg used his Sheffield child life expectancy thing *drinks* << be fair he kept it for the Q&A. And it is a shocking stat. #
  • Erm, which polls? >> "@faisalislam So Lib Dems are now down to 8% in polls." << Do you mean this one: http://ldv.org.uk/20757 #
  • Cool stuff (maybe) > RT @rjleaman Create a font of your own handwriting http://bit.ly/cMf9iw /via @Seniors4Living #
  • RT @markpack New post: What can leaflet designers learn from web designers? http://bit.ly/dhhvt2 < consistent font/images/colour crucial. #
  • RT @psbook: Clegg visited community centre he didn't realise was being axed http://is.gd/enk7l < good story, but 'Cleggover'? Grow up. #
  • Waiting for phone call for interview on BBC Radio Belfast w/ @shanegreer + someone from Fabians. Wonder what we're there to chat about? #
  • Good 2 chat, @shanegreer. But look at what S Hughes said: that *both* parties' MPs wd need to agree on policy. Never said wd be LD 'veto'. #
  • @shanegreer But he wasn't rocking the boat. Case of lazy BBC journo putting words in his mouth to get a story. It worked but is wrong. in reply to shanegreer #
  • @CllrDaisyBenson "eminently sensible" – you're too kind. TY 🙂 in reply to CllrDaisyBenson #
  • @MarkRClay thx for Tweetminster link… knew we'd get you infected with the Twitterbug. in reply to MarkRClay #

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