Sky News leads with ‘exclusive’ voodoo poll as broadcaster’s credibility slumps

by Stephen Tall on August 17, 2010

Exclusive: Support For Clegg’s Lib Dems At 8% screams Sky News’s report marking the 100 days of the Coalition. Disaster! Woe! Panic!

Erm, except Sky News isn’t reporting a poll conducted by a reputable polling organisation of a representative sample of the British public. I mean, you didn’t seriously expect journalistic integrity and news values from Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News-lite, did you?

The figure of 8% support for the Lib Dems is the result of a Sky News Panel survey. The surveys are open to any viewer to join and answer. Sky makes no claim that its Panel is representative, nor is it a member of the British Polling Council which has as its aim “to encourage the highest professional standards in public opinion polling”.

You can read into the results what you like. But this is nothing more than a ‘voodoo’ poll, a cheap way for dodgy news organisations to make a sensationalist splash.

PS: polling guru Anthony Wells puts it plainly enough – No, the Liberal Democrats are NOT on 8%.