2020 Visions: The Political Future (Resonance 104.4FM, Wed 4 Aug, 10pm)

by Stephen Tall on August 4, 2010

I took part in a 15-minute telephone interview this week, parts of which will be broadcast tonight on Resonance 104.4FM. Here’s the blurb:

Tonight we broadcast the first of a six part series introduced by Rys Farthing and K. Biswas – 2020 Visions: The Political Future, with many informed commentators exploring what the British political landscape might look like over the next decade. Guests include Labour’s Jon Cruddas MP; human rights activist Peter Tatchell; ConservativeHome editor Jonathan Isaby, psephologist Professor John Curtice; Dr Madsen Pirie, Director of the free-market Adam Smith Institute; LibDem Voice editor Stephen Tall; David Babbs of campaign organisation 38 Degrees, and the New Statesman’s Laurie Penny. They examine the future for political parties, political ideologies and the way people will engage with politics.
2020 Visions: The Political Future, Wednesday 4 August 2010, 10pm.

Questions I was specifically asked about included:

  • My assessment of the current state of the Liberal Democrats;
  • How do we construct a liberal narrative during coalition government; and
  • What are the core demographics, the ‘core voter’, for Lib Dems?

Tune in tonight to hear more …