Huhne on Lib Dem poll ratings: “Frankly, it doesn’t worry me”

by Stephen Tall on August 2, 2010

We’re into August, the dead political season, so doubtless we can expect plenty more media stories about the collapse of the Lib Dem vote, the imminent collapse of the Coalition, the collapse of Nick Clegg’s ratings etc, etc.

The latest miniplosion of noise has been sparked by YouGov’s latest poll, showing the Lib Dems polling 12% (compared to the Tories’ 42% and Labour’s 38%). For some, strange reason the papers seem much keener to report this poll finding than they were to report ICM’s 19% rating for the party a few days ago. We’ll be looking back fully on July’s polls later today on LDV, and party members of our discussion forum might be interested in the discussion taking place there.

Lib Dem climate change and energy secretary Chris Huhne has given short shrift to the latest polls, though:

I can remember a time when we had opinion polls where we were just an asterisk. We were literally within the margin of error of zero. So, frankly, it doesn’t worry me. I’m absolutely convinced…people will look back and say: ‘They did the right thing: here we have a real recovery with lots more prosperity coming through.’ People will turn round and say actually we deserve credit.”