Ah, so that’s what happened to David Davis

by Stephen Tall on July 24, 2010

The 10th July is an anniversary I forgot to mark here on Lib Dem Voice. For it was two years ago, on that day, that David Davis won the Haltemprice and Howden by-election he had himself forced as a self-declared referendum on civil liberties.

At the time, I was fairly sympathetic to the impact of Mr Davis’s stance, arguing “it would be churlish to deny that a significant number of folk chose to have their say”, and that this afforded the former Tory shadow home secretary “a commanding personal mandate”.

In truth, I was over-generous to Mr Davis: Jonathan Calder, at Liberal England, judged it more astutely:

… what has David Davis achieved by his resignation? If you care about liberty, then shadow home secretary looks quite a useful job to have. His action looks more and more like an outbreak of the male menopause. He should have bought himself a sports car instead.

It’s against that background that I’m reflecting on Mr Davis’s careless words criticising the ‘Brokeback Coalition’.

Here is a politician who could be the Conservative Home Secretary; who could be be repealing Labour’s surveillance state; who could be the heir apparent to Mr Cameron if the Coalition fails. Instead he’s reduced to mouthing off within earshot of the Financial Times in a well-known journalists’ haunt. That’s some comedown.

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