Have you seen Zac Goldsmith’s Channel 4 News car-crash interview yet?

by Stephen Tall on July 16, 2010

Phew! I’ve just finished watching Channel 4 News’s Jon Snow attempt to interview Tory MP for Richmond Park Zac Goldsmith about suggestions that he has serious questions to answer about the accuracy of his election expenses. It’s true car-crash telly, with Zac Goldsmith spending the first seven minutes of the interview ranting against Channel 4 […]

@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-07-16

by Stephen Tall on July 16, 2010

Would Jon Sopel kindly do journalism a favour and fuck off and die. #moat #bbchaslosttheplot # @Deb9yin Broadcasting private phone conversations between distressed relatives live on air without consent kinda gets my gander rising, true in reply to Deb9yin # (…)

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Lib Dem MP Simon Wright delivers his Mpinions

by Stephen Tall on July 16, 2010

Simon Wright, the Lib Dem MP for Norwich South who did the nation a service by vanquishing Charles Clarke, is the first of the newbie MPs to take part in a viral video campaign called ‘Mpinions’. Here’s the spiel from its creators: Mpinions is allowing new MPs to properly introduce themselves to you and all […]