MPs’ budget bender (Or: Reckless by name …)

by Stephen Tall on July 12, 2010

Two new Tory MPs have been publicly named and shamed in today’s papers for getting so drunk that – allegedly – one fell to the floor of the House of Commons bar, while another was rude to a Commons official.

Mark Reckless (for it is he) has ‘fessed up to his own drunkenness, including being so paralytic he missed a Budget vote. The Mail reports:

Worst affected was Mark Reckless, who has been Tory MP for Rochester for just two months. The former banker, who has campaigned to save the ‘Great British pub’, fell to the floor of a Commons bar before being bundled into a taxi by colleagues.

He told the Mail on Sunday the evening was ‘a bit like a lock-in’, because the MPs had to wait for a compulsory Budget vote. ‘I feel very embarrassed,’ he said. ‘It was a mistake I will not be repeating. I don’t remember falling over.’

However, a second Tory newbie is disputing at least some of the allegationsm, according to The Sun:

Another new Tory MP, South East Cornwall’s Sheryll Murray, denied being rude to a Commons doorkeeper after “a couple of glasses of wine”. She said: “I don’t recall any altercation.”

Before we rush to judgment of those two, the Mail reports they weren’t alone:

Commons bars took £5,000 as MPs and their aides knocked back taxpayer-subsidised Pimm’s, wine, beer and champagne. A ‘significant number’ of those who took part in the Budget debate were under the influence.

One Cabinet minister was said to be slurring his speech. ‘It was disgusting,’ said a female MP. ‘The Chamber and the voting lobbies stank of booze and sweat.

‘There we were, voting through the most drastic Budget in decades, and some MPs barely knew where they were – let alone what they were voting for.’

Another added: ‘Several people were legless. The Tory newcomers were the worst – but Labour MPs were knocking it back too. ‘MPs old enough to know better were all over the Sloane Rangers who have come to work here as secretaries and researchers since David Cameron got in.’

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