My personal statporn (just for the record)

by Stephen Tall on June 2, 2010

Though I religiously compile Lib Dem Voice’s monthly statporn – which serves a purpose not only of demonstrating the success of the site thanks to the efforts of very many people, but also encourages more people to contribute – I’ve never bothered to check out the readership for this, my personal blog.

Partly lack of time; partly, that this blog is primarily a hub for my online activities, of which probably 97% is dedicated to Lib Dem Voice, and so it seems a little redundant to big-up the remaining 3%.

Still, here goes …

In May, this blog attracted 2,634 absolute unique visitors – oddly somewhat down on April’s 3,347. (For Lib Dem Voice, the trend was reversed). Thank you to you all.

My top five referring traffic sources were: Twitter, The Guardian, Facebook, Lib Dem Voice and my old blog, A Liberal Goes A Long Way.