LDV members’ survey (4): 86% of party members happy with coalition agreement (and most think LibCon government will last full term)

by Stephen Tall on June 1, 2010

Lib Dem Voice has been conducting a survey of party members registered on our members’ forum asking them for their views of the coalition, Labour leadership and the party’s general election result. Over 400 have responded, and here’s part four of what you’ve told us …

LDV asked: The Lib Dem / Conservative coalition government published its full partnership agreement last week. Based on what you have read, seen and heard how would you describe your view:

Here’s what you said:

27% – Very happy, I agree with almost all of it
59% – Moderately happy, I agree with more of it than I disagree with
9% – Neither happy nor unhappy, I agree and disagree with its proposals pretty much equally
4% – Moderately unhappy, I disagree with it more it than I agree with
1% – Very unhappy, I disagree with almost all of it
(Excluding Don’t Know / No Opinion = 1%)

So 86% of party members who responded to the LDV survey are happy, to one degree or another, with the coalition government’s partnership agreement. Just 5% are unhappy, with the remainder feeling pretty much neutral about it. Here is a selection of your comments:

  • Clearly there is stuff in there that I wouldn’t want to see – but then again, that’s what happens with a coalition agreement. This is no bad thing in of itself.
  • surprised at what we appear to have achieved
  • Would like to see STV for local elections and possibility of STV for referendum
  • There is a vagueness to the document that I am concerned about: how will some of the cuts be achieved?
  • I accept it had to happen to stablise the gvt but am very unhappy about free schools, nuclear weapons and cuts happening too soon.
  • Some of the proposals, on welfare, education, and local government in particular, are quite alarming and very reactionary. Others, such as the abolition of ID cards and the “Freedom Bill”, are exemplary and kudos is due to Cameron for taking them on board.
  • The agreement is a reasonable deal – but the detail will matter as will the priority given to different parts of the package. It’s too early to draw firm conclusions yet.
  • LDV then asked: How long do you expect the coalition government will last?

    Here’s what you said:

    3% – Less than a year
    10% – A year to two years
    25% – Two to three years
    63% – Four years or more

    Here is a selection of your comments:

  • The scale of the economic cuts will be so big that the public will dislike the coalition government for some time. The further away the next election the better.
  • I am optimistic about it anyway, but it surely behoves both parties to see it through to the end (though perhaps not to the ‘bitter’ end!).
  • I think it’ll last the duration. Lib Dems have to prove that this coalition can and will work if we’re to make the case for more pluralistic politics.
  • I expect the government to last its full term, though not without some discomfort along the way. Both parties know that breaking up in the middle of a hard fiscal slog is not in their interests or the country’s.
  • Very hard to guess how long it will last. I hope it will last long enough to get some of the key constitutional measures through. However I can see arguments for ending before 5 years are up.
  • I don’t think anyone can predict this – they will have to live on their wits. And they will be at the mercy of events.
  • You can catch up on all the results of our Lib Dem Voice party members’ surveys here.

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