LDV Members’ Survey (3): Your 338 highlights of the general election campaign

by Stephen Tall on May 31, 2010

Lib Dem Voice has been conducting a survey of party members registered on our members’ forum asking them for their views of the coalition, Labour leadership and the party’s general election result. Over 400 have responded, and here’s part three of what you’ve told us …

LDV asked: What was your number one highlight of the general election campaign?

Here’s what you told us:

1. “I agree with Nick”. Shame there was more than one debate
2. “I agree with Nick.”
3. #nickcleggsfault
4. #nickcleggsfault
5. #nickcleggsfault
6. #nickcleggsfault
7. #nickcleggsfault
8. #nickcleggsfault + right-wing press’s confusion
9. ‘bigoted woman’ moment
10. ‘I agree with Nick’
11. ‘I agree with Nick’
12. ‘I agree with Nick’ – not me you will understand! – Gordon and Dave!!
13. ‘I agree with Nick’- the first leaders’ debate.
14. 1st Debate
15. 1st Leaders’ Debate
16. 1st leaders’ debate
17. 1st televised debate
18. 5.30 am, Hammersmith Town Hall, Shaun Bailey losing
19. A man cycling past me whilst I was out canvassing who shouted “it’s your time now!”
20. A sad one Loss of Lembit and Evan
21. Actually being asked about policy on the doorstep for a change!
22. All the leaders debates
23. Alliance winning East Belfast
24. APNI unseating the DUP leader!
25. Being a few feet from Charles Clarke when the candidates and agents were given the provisional result in Norwich South.
26. being ahead in the opinion polls
27. being involved for the first time and meeting great people
28. Being taken seriously
29. Bigot
30. Brown’s ‘bigot’ gaffe.
31. Burnley going yellow!!
32. Campaign launch in Watford
33. Canvassing after the debates!
34. Canvassing and seeing life long tories say they will vote for us
35. Canvassing in Merthyr Tydfil with Amy Kitcher – it turned out to be just as good as it felt
36. Canvassing on the evening after the first debate – incredibly positive reaction to Nick Clegg
37. Chancellors’ debate
38. Chancellors’ debate + “I agree with Nick!”
39. Chris Huhne holding his seat
40. Clegg and the first debate. A shame he just repeated the same lines in the two debates following.
41. Clegg in debates
42. Clegg on st leader debate
43. Clegg proving how to debate properly in the first leadership debate. Unfortunately he couldn’t carry it through in the latter two weeks – next time, give him more of a break!
44. Clegg’s brilliant performance at the first leader’s debate.
45. Clegg’s first debate
46. Clegg’s performance in the first debate undoubtedly
47. Cleggmania
48. Cleggmania
49. Cleggmania when he appeared on TV and then at loots of public meetings packed out – I still think this produced a great wave of those who should be our Core supporters especially young people, students, intelligentsia and we should be doing something to h
50. Cleggmania!
51. Coming a clear second place in Sevenoaks
52. Coming second in Rushcliffe
53. cutting The Tory majority in our consituency
54. David Cameron messing up the first debate
55. David Laws
56. debate no 1
57. debate no. 1
58. Debate One
59. Debates
60. Defeat of BNP in Dagenham
61. defeat of peter robinson
62. Effectiveness of Nick Clegg on first TV leaders’ debate.
63. Election of Sarah Teather in the only seat where sitting members fought each other
64. electoral reform
65. enthusiastic young people
66. Failure of so many Cameroon A listers
67. fairness
68. First debate
69. first debate
70. First debate
71. first debate
72. first debate
73. First debate
74. First debate
75. First debate – what else could it be?
76. First Debate, of course! Brilliant! Waking up the next day to the papers, so exciting. :)
77. First debate. But we’ll all remember Brown in Rochdale – that sealed his fate.
78. First ever opinion poll during campaign putting us in lead.
79. First Leader’s Debate
80. first leaders debate
81. First leaders debate
82. First leaders debate
83. First leaders debate
84. First Leaders Debate
85. First leaders’ debate
86. First Leaders’ Debate
87. First Leaders’ debate
88. first opinion polls showing a surge
89. First PM debate
90. First Priministerial Debate
91. first tv debate
92. First TV debate
93. First TV debate
94. First TV leaders’debate
95. Free food for party staff at HQ as we worked to Silly O’clock each day
96. Getting enthused and interested in politics for the first time really.
97. Getting involved in the campaigning for the st time
98. getting to 34% in the opinion polls
99. Getting to over 30% in the polls
100. Getting to sleep afterwards
101. Gordon and David agreeing with Nick
102. has to be the party leader debates
103. Having my vote sold to the Conservative party. Christmas has come early.
104. Having the leaders debates and equal Lib Dem scrutiny
105. Helping to win a by election on night of first leaders speech.
106. Holding Cheadle with highest ever Lib Dem vote
107. Holding onto Solihull (where we helped a lot)
108. holding Solihull
109. Hope the election aftermath counts: forming a coalition with so many of our policies in the coalition agreement.
110. I agree with Nick
111. I agree with Nick
112. I agree with Nick
113. i agree with Nick
114. I agree with Nick! (First Leaders debate)
115. I agree with Nick-ing in the first leaders’ debate
116. I agree with Nick.
117. I don’t think I had one.
118. Immediate aftermath of first leaders’ debate
119. Increased majority in the Lib Dem held seat I was the agent for.
120. Increasing our size in Torbay. First result out for us. Adrian Sanders is a legend.
121. It got so many people interested in politics again
122. It’s end!
123. Jacqui Smith losing.
124. Joining the fight in Solihull and beating the conners by votes :-)
125. Labour not winning.
126. Labservative ads
127. Labservatives communication
128. leaders debate on tv
129. Leaders debates
130. Leaders Debates
131. Leaders debates
132. Leadership debates
133. Lembit losing
134. LibDems (centre) being taken seriously as a third co-equal with left and right.
135. LibDems on mostly equal footing with the other
136. Lord Ashdown visting Ceredigion
137. Lord Pearson’s television appearances
138. Lorely Burt’s gain in Solihull
139. Mark Williams getting a majority of over 8,000
140. Massive positive response to Nick in first Leaders Debate
141. more people finally realise there’s more than 2 credible choices
142. Mr Cleggs first TV debate broadcast
143. Naomi Long winning
144. Naomi Long’s election.
145. Nationally, the Nick Clegg surge
146. NC’s rebuttal of attacks on ‘earned citizenship policy’
147. Nick Clegg
148. Nick Clegg
149. Nick Clegg appearing with Brown and Cameron on TV.
150. Nick clegg in the debates, he more than held his own.
151. Nick Clegg in the Tv Debats
152. Nick Clegg on the first election debate.
153. Nick Clegg turning Brown’s phrase against him and telling him to “get real” about the impossibility of deporting all illegal immigrants in the third TV debate. We should be that forthright more often!
154. Nick Clegg visiting us in Colne Valley
155. Nick Clegg’s 1st debate
156. Nick Clegg’s first debate performance
157. Nick Clegg’s first television debate
158. Nick Clegg’s overall performance in the TV debates
159. Nick Clegg’s performance as a leader
160. Nick Clegg’s performance in the first televised debate
161. Nick Clegg’s performance in the first televised debate, and Gordon Brown’s speech to the Citizens UK forum on May 3rd
162. Nick Clegg’s performance in the first TV debate
163. Nick Clegg. Just him.
164. Nick Clegg: “Don’t let them tell you that this time it can’t be different….. it can!”
165. Nick’s first debate
166. Nick’s Glasgow visit and seeing the youthfulness of the audience.
167. Nick’s interview on Paxman was what made me sit up and listen, even as a Lib Dem – made me look forward to first debate to see if he could continue such confidence.
168. Nigel Farage’s plane crash
169. None really – the campaign was quite a depressing experience on many fronts. Though I was glad Tessa Munt took Wells.
170. Not getting elected!
171. not losing any deposits
172. Nothing comes to mind. It was generally dull.
173. Of the campaign, the surge to 30% and the corresponding public response to the serious prospect of LD significance. On the night, Peter Robinson!
175. People talking about Lib Dems as of main parties!
176. People using the phrase ‘Prime Minister Clegg’ sincerely and without scorn for perhaps the first time (this particularly applied in the week following the first debate).
177. Personal involvement
178. Personally, doing canvassing for the first time and meeting a lot of interesting and articulate people, even if they weren’t planning to vote for us (or in some cases at all)…
179. Peter Robinson losing his seat,
180. Poll that puts us in lead
181. Polls after the first debate
182. polls after the first debate
183. pr
184. Public reaction to the first debate, and the unofficial facebook campaigning
185. RATM Facebook group
186. Re-election of the Scottish MPs
187. recognition of Nick Clegg after first tv debate ” I agree with Nick!”
188. redcar
189. Redcar!
190. Redcar, followed by the totally unexpected Bradford East.
191. Sarah Teather winning
192. sarah Teather’s reelection
193. Sarah Teather’s win!
194. Seeing Charles Clarke loose his seat
195. Seeing Naomi Long elected for the Alliance in Belfast
196. Seeing Nick do so well in the debates.
197. Seeing Nick storm the first debate and the subsequent positive newspaper headlines
198. Seeing Phillipa Stroud lose Sutton & Cheam – ghastly human being.
199. seeing Sarah Teather win in Brent
200. Seeing Tessa Munt win Wells, seeing Andrew tunnel keep seat in Hazel Grove, and Mark Hunter keep his cheadle seat ..I lived in last areas and know the guys
201. Seeing the Perthshire Tory candidate fail to get in even after spending £k
202. seeing tony mcnulty smoking a commiseration fag at 8am outside the counting hall!!!
203. Simon Wright bagging a Safety Elephant in Norwich and silencing that city’s gobby Greens at the same time.
204. Somerton and Frome win
205. Staying high in the polls
206. Stephen Tall sending Guardian interviews to an Oxford Brookes student in Oxford East.
207. Surge of new people involved. And virtually only council gain from Labour in London!
208. Sustained Cleggmania and Lib Dem relevance
209. Taking Burnley from Labour
210. Taking my 2 year old daughter to see Clegg outside Norwich Morrisons
211. Tessa Munt winning Wells. She is a great lady and will serve the people well.
212. The defeat of Charles Clarke
213. That the Conservatives failed to win outright, despite massive spending.
214. the
215. The 1st TV Debate
216. The 5 minutes after the first debate when the opinion polls came in :-)
217. The BNP losing all its council seats in Barking
218. The buzz after that first debate!
219. The Chancellor’s debate
220. The chat in my workplace the morning after the first debate.
221. The costed manifesto
222. The Daily Mail’s Nick Clegg Nazi story – It’s nice to be taken seriously, even by such an unserious paper. And the whole article was hilarious.
223. The debates
224. The debates. They were a great addition to our democratic process, and should become a staple part of all future general elections, and possibly even Euro ones.
225. The end
226. The fact the Tories did not win
227. The first debate
228. The first debate
229. The first debate
230. The first debate
231. The first debate
232. The FiRST debate
233. the first debate
234. The First Debate
235. The first debate
236. The first debate
237. the first debate
238. The first debate
239. The first debate (obviously).
240. the first debate – ensuring people knew what we stood for
241. the first debate and cleggmania aftermath
242. The first debate!
243. The first debate, natch.
244. The first election broadcast – electrifying.
245. the first election debate
246. the first leader’s debate
247. The first Leader’s Debate
248. The first leaders debate
249. The first leaders debate
250. The first leaders debate and the immediate aftermath
251. The first Leaders’ debate
252. The first leaders’ debate
253. the first leaders’ debate
254. The first leaders’ debate
255. The first leaders’ debate, particularly as I was eating Mississippi Mud Pie at the time.
256. The first leaders’ debate.
257. The first Leaders’ Debate.
258. The first leaders’ debate.
259. The first leaders’ TV debate
260. The first leadership debate
261. The first of the leaders’ debates where Nick wiped the floor with them.
262. The first opinion poll surge.
263. The first poll straight after the first TV debate
264. The first prime ministerial debate
265. the first televised national leaders debate
266. The first television debate.
267. The first three-party broadcast
268. The First TV Debate
269. The first TV debate
270. The first TV debate
271. The first TV debate and its immediate aftermath. Heaven!
272. the first TV debate, followed by the “bigoted woman”
273. The first TV leaders debate
274. The first TV leadership debate
275. The general interest in the lib dems which should hopefully bring us more campaigners in future.
276. the Green candidates win at Brighton Pav
277. The huge swing to the lib dems in canterbury
278. The impact of the first debate
279. The influx of younger people to play an active part – more interest from ethnic groups.
280. The Leaders Debates
281. The Leaders Debates (Nick really shone, and for three weeks I dared to believe).
282. The Leaders Debates – We gained credibility if nothing else.
283. The Leaders debates.
284. The Leadership Debates – after Clegg’s performances I’ve never been so proud to be a Lib Dem
285. The leadership debates gave the election an unpredictable edge and took away the tabloids usual power over the election.
286. The Lib Dem party political broadcast with the old promises flapping about in the wind. Beautiful.
287. The moment when it was finally over.
288. the mystification of the media after the poll surge
289. The net gain of a seat in my region.
290. The opinion polls immediately after the first debate. Utterly surreal and very enjoyable. I doubt I will ever see it again.
291. The panic amongst teh comenators when they realised they had to take us seriously
292. The panic in the press following the first debate
293. the polls after the first debate
294. The polls immediately after the first debate, which suggested that genuine three-party politics had arrived.
295. The Priministerial debates
296. The public’s reaction to Clegg’s performance in the first debate
297. The return of Sarah Tether to represent Brent Central
298. The return of Sutton’s 2 MPs.
299. The story of the fishermen in Devon who dropped a dead fish in a Tory candidate’s beer when he wasn’t looking, which he proceeded obliviously to drink!
300. The surge after the first debate
302. The surge!
303. The T.V. debates,which helped Labour, reduced Conservative expectations, and made the Liberal Democrats rather more acceptable as National leaders.
304. the teamwork of colleagues
305. The third leadership debate – the boy Clegg did well under firre
306. The TV debates
307. thefrist debate
308. Ther first leaders’ debate
309. Tim Farron’s result in Westmorland and Lonsdale
310. To be honest, I was too tired to notice.
311. Topping the opinion polls – more than Labour have managed for years!
312. Tories not getting overall majority
313. TV debate
314. Tv debate performance of Nick Clegg
315. TV debates
316. TV Debates
317. TV debates
318. TV debates
320. Us getting talked about – especially the “I agree with Nick” thing.
321. Vince Cables performance in the Chancellors debate
322. Watching Naomi Long win her seat in Belfast East
323. Watching people on the day queuing at the polling booths. gutted that so many didn’t get in, but it was terrific that so many cared.
324. Watching the Murdock press panic after the first debate.
325. We won our seat with the largest swing in the country (21.8%)
326. What else? The first debate and all-too-short honeymoon.
327. When the LibDems were polling higher than Labour
328. When the polls closed at on May and all the bollocks stopped
329. why I lost any chance of getting my seat back Jenny Tongue
330. Widening of public recognition of Lib Dems
331. Winning out of seats in Somerset
332. Winning comprehensively in Cambridge
333. Winning in Burnley
334. Winning in Solihull the target miles from my home where I spent a lot of time
335. Winning local parliamentary seat :)
336. Winning Redcar
337. Winning Redcar
338. Working in Edinburgh North and Leith – superb campaign

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