LibLink: Charles Kennedy – Why I couldn’t support Clegg’s deal with the Tories

by Stephen Tall on May 16, 2010

In The Observer today, former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy has highlighted his unease at the Lib-Con coalition government, and explains he would have preferred to explore the possibilities of an alliance with Labour:
… [last week’s events] drive a strategic coach and horses through the long-nurtured “realignment of the centre-left” to which leaders in the […]

+++ Lib Dem special conference overwhelmingly approves Lib Dem / Conservative coalition agreement

by Stephen Tall on May 16, 2010

Just minutes ago, the Lib Dems’ special conference in Birmingham – convened by the party to give members the chance to give their views on the decision to enter into a government with the Conservatives – overwhelmingly approved the coalition agreement.
Estimates in the hall, where about 1,500 Lib Dem members debated the coalition, suggested that […]

PollWatch: first post-election polls show Lib Dems at 21%

by Stephen Tall on May 16, 2010

Two new polls out in today’s papers:

ComRes, S.Indy/S.Mirror … CON 38%, LAB 34%, LIB DEM 21%
ICM in the S.Telegraph … CON 38%, LAB 33%, LIB DEM 21%

Polls at this stage of the parliamentary cycle (apparently a full 5 years before the next election) are a little academic. Still, let’s give them their moment.
From a […]

Eastbourne Lib Dem campaigner smeared by Telegraph cleared by police

by Stephen Tall on May 16, 2010

Just a day before polls opened the Daily Telegraph splashed with the sensational headline, Senior Liberal Democrat arrested over ’sabotage’:
A senior Liberal Democrat campaigner has been arrested for allegedly trying to sabotage the Conservatives’ campaign in a key marginal seat in Thursday’s general election. The official understood to have failed to present himself at a […]