What I’ve been saying on BBC Radio 4

by Stephen Tall on May 10, 2010

I’ve been media-whoring mysef around the BBC studios the past weekend, and too busy to round up what I’ve been saying. I just about managed to stay awake throughout Friday night’s The World Tonight (not sure how, I hadn’t slept in 40 hours) in order to contribute. You can listen again via iPlayer here.

I started speaking about 20 mins in, covering the possibility of a coalition – pointing out how unenviable Nick Clegg’s position is – moved onto the right-wing press’s smears against Nick (the low-point of the campaign), and ended by proving utterly incapable of choosing what I wanted to happen. First time I’ve been lost for words when live on air.

Then on Sunday I was on the Westminster Hour looking in more detail at the hung parliament discussions – you can listen again here. Again I pointed out quite what a no-win situation Nick is in: it’s a point that can’t be made too often, as people snipe at him no matter which way he turns.

(I’ve also been on BBC News, Radio 5 Live and Radio Oxford, but even I’m not vain enough to try and hunt down all those iPlayer clips for you.)

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