Balanced Parliament discussions: new LDV members’ survey now live

by Stephen Tall on May 10, 2010

The new LDV members’ survey is now live – and it focuses, unsurprisingly, on the post-election scenario for the Lib Dems. If you are a registered member of the Liberal Democrat Voice forum – and any paid-up party member is welcome to join – then you now have the opportunity to make your views known on what the party should do next. Questions we are asking your opinion on include:

– whether you agree with Nick Clegg’s decision to allow the Tories’ first refusal to form a government;
– whether you agree with Nick Clegg opening talks with the Tories on that basis;
– whether you think electoral reform should be a deal-breaker;
– how you rate the performances of Nick Clegg and Vince Cable during the election campaign.

It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to fill in. All registered members of the Forum should by now have been emailed with a link to take you to the survey. If you haven’t been yet, or if you are signing up to the Forum now, please drop Ryan Cullen a line at

We’ll publish the results within the next 24 hours. We intend to conduct regular surveys as the political situation evolves in order to take the temperature of the party membership. You can access the results from our previous LDV members surveys by clicking here.