What do you make of David Cameron’s “offer”?

by Stephen Tall on May 7, 2010

I’ve not seen a transcript yet, but here’s ConservativeHome’s paraphrase of David Cameron’s supposed “offer” to the Lib Dems:

I thank Nick Clegg for recognising that the Tories won most new seats and I will now talk to the Liberal Democrats about delivering the kind of government Britain needs.

I offer reassurances to the Liberal Democrats so that they support a minority Conservative government but I am also willing to discuss other possibilities.

There are some non-negotiables. No government can give more powers to Europe. We must be strong on immigration. It is reasonable that the bulk of the Tory manifesto is implemented.

But in some areas there must be compromise. Conservatives have ideas for electoral reform although they are not the same as the Liberal Democrats’ ideas. But coooperation will allow the Liberal Democrats to implement part of their manifesto.

Though the BBC is eagerly hyping it up as an offer it seems like nothing but hot air to me.

The Lib Dems’ and Tories’ tax policies are miles apart: they want tax-cuts for the right we want them for low- and middle-income earners.

The Tories say they support a ‘pupil premium’ but only the Lib Dems had the courage to say how they would find the money needed to make it real.

The Lib Dems support a sustainable economy which puts the environment at its heart: the Tories are a comfortable home for climate-change deniers.

And as for fair politics, the offer of a committee to look into electoral reform is derisory: nothing short of a referendum which offers the public a choice can be acceptable.

What do LDVs readers think?

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