The final results trickle in …

by Stephen Tall on May 7, 2010

Here are the headline figures currently:

    Conservative 36%, 306 MPs
    Labour 29%, 258 MPs
    Lib Dems 23%, 57 MPs

As many have pointed out, how absurd is it that the Lib Dems can increase its share of the vote, but lose 10% of its MPs? As Ben Goldacre tweeted:

lib dems get 6.6m votes and 53 seats, labour get 8.4m votes and 252 seats, our voting system is broken

You can find a full list of Lib Dem MPs here.

2.20 pm

Three results have come in over the last hour or so, all Lib Dem HOLDS (phew). So congratulations to:

Martin Horwood in Cheltenham, who gained an impressive 4.3% swing from the Tories:
Martin Horwood Liberal Democrat 26,659 50.5% (+11.1)
Conservative 21,739 41.2% (+2.4)
Labour 2,703 5.1% (-6.7)

Alan Beith in Berwick-upon-Tweed, who won though with a much reduced majority and an 8.2% swing to the Tories:
Alan Beith Liberal Democrat 16,806 43.7% (-8.9)
Conservative 14,116 36.7% (+7.7)
Labour 5,061 13.2% (-5.2)

Alan Reid in Argyll & Bute, who won with a small swing of 2.7% to the Tories:
Alan Reid Liberal Democrat 14,292 31.6% (-4.9)
Conservative 10,861 24.0% (+0.5)
Labour 10,274 22.7% (+0.3)
Scottish National Party 8,563 18.9% (+3.4)

Two constiuencies with strong Lib Dem interests left to declare:

Tim Farron, Westmorland and Lonsdale
Andrew George, St Ives

We’ll bring you the results … soon, I hope. (And then I may go to bed).

2.31 pm

Wow!! What an incredible result in Westmorland and Lonsdale: Tim Farron HOLDS with incredible 11.1% swing from the Tories. Tim scores 60% of the vote and squeezes the Labour vote down to 2%. Amazing stuff. Perhaps it’s as well this seat declared late – if it had been first up, we might otherwise have had quite different expectations of the night …

Tim Farron Liberal Democrat 30,896 60.0% (+14.1)
Conservative 18,632 36.2% (-8.1)
Labour 1,158 2.2% (-5.6)

3.19 pm

And the penultimate result where the Lib Dems have expectations – and it’s a HOLD for Andrew George in St Ives (though not without a fright):
Andrew George Liberal Democrat 19,619 42.7 -9.1
Conservative 17,900 39.0 +11.7
Labour 3,751 8.2 -4.4

4.39 pm

And so it ends as it begun and continued: disappointingly – the Tories have held Devon West and Torridge.

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