The LDV Election Night Live-Blog: 9.30 – 10.30 pm

by Stephen Tall on May 6, 2010

I’ll be providing running commentary throughout the night. First off, a reminder of how you can follow our coverage and help contribute to it:

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10.30 pm

Piers Morgan scratches his head at the exit poll: “I just don’t believe it”. For those who want solace try this sceptical Financial Times take on exit polls.

10.25 pm

Lots of angry tweets from voters turned away from polling stations unable to process the number of voters who turned up, eg:

hubster0007: Hundreds not allowed to vote in @nick_clegg seat. Police trying to empty hall of very angry voters – sorry non voters!

Our electoral system really is an antiquated joke sometimes.

10.20 pm

Rob Knight has tweeted what seems to be the vote share to deliver the exit poll – looks very odd:

10.15 pm

Lots of disbelief of the exit poll on Twitter; and lots of sinking stomachs too …

10.10 pm

Vince Cable on BBC labels the exit poll “very strange”. That’s an understatement. Points out that postal votes won’t have been included, and could be significant factor for Lib Dems. We’ll see. Don’t know about you guys, but I’ve lost my appetite.

10.05 pm

Well, I’m still reeling from that exit poll: a Lib Dem drop in seats. It make no sense. Interesting the BBC didn’t give the vote shares that’s based on they do usually, don’t they?).

Let’s remember 1992, and how wrong it was. If the exit poll is wrong, the pollsters are going to have so much more egg on their faces than in 1992. If they’re right, we are.

10.00 pm

Wow! Exit poll predicts the Lib Dems losing seats:

    Con 307
    Lab 25
    Lib Dem 59
    Other 29

Does that make sense to anyone?

9.55 pm

Right, the election prediction competition is closed. And we have just 5 minutes to wait til the exit poll. You really will have to run if you want to vote now.

9.45 pm

Remember!! If you haven’t yet voted, you still have time. Leggit down to the polling station now: you don’t need your poll card, just your wits.

9.43 pm

A reminder: if you haven’t yet made your prediction in LDV’s election competition, you have just 12 minutes – it closes at 9.55 pm on the dot.

All the reports being tweeted are of very high turnout: any reports from LDV readers of how it is in your neck of the woods?

9.40 pm

With all broadcasters restricted in what they can report until polls close, most armchair politicos are watching Channel 4’s alternative election night coverage. Not much love on Twitter for Jimmy Carr’s sexist jokes: Alex Wilcock tweets: “My mate Brian Paddick’s on #c4altelection – would it be wrong to hope he ’sees Jimmy Carr accidentally fall down the stairs’?”

9.30 pm

James Graham is also live-blogging tonight, while also appearing on LBC – as are other Lib Dem bloggers, such as my Co-Editor Mark Pack and Chris Hall.

9.20 pm

Some interesting data from ICM’s final election poll:

  • 21% of the public think Nick Clegg would be the best Prime Minister, the same number as Gordon Brown (Cameron’s in the lead with 34%);
  • 36% of the public expect a Tory victory, 43% a hung parliament. A rather sadly loyal/deluded 3% expect Labour to triumph;
  • 44% think the New Labour government (1997-2010) has been bad for Britain, 28% think it’s been good, and 24% say it’s made no difference.
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