The LDV Election Night Live-Blog: 12 midnight – 1.30 pm

by Stephen Tall on May 6, 2010

1.25 am

Disappointing result for the Tories in Vale of Clwyd, where they fail to gain from Labour with a swing of only 3.6%. Intriguing results in Wales: Plaid failed to gain Ynes Mon from Labour, but did take Arfon.

Hearing of Lib Dem holds in Yeovil (David Laws) and NE Fife (Ming Campbell) – but Labour have held on in Wrexham, a hoped-for gain.

1.21 am

Tweet from Nigel Ashton of a likely Lib Dem hold in Southport:

We are confident of holding Southport but the result is hours away

And interesting news from Ashfield via The Guardian:

Gloria De Piero, the GMTV political editor who was parachuted into Ashfield, Geoff Hoon’s seat, is trailing the Lib Dems, according to the Press Association.

1.19 am

The NUS has released the following statement on today’s voting scandal:

The National Union of Students (NUS) tonight condemned election officials after students were turned away from Ranmoor polling station in Nick Clegg’s Sheffield Hallam constituency as they attempted to vote. Students have complained that they were denied the right to vote because of a decision to segregate student voters from other members of the electorate, the latter having been fast-tracked.

1.15 am

This is more like it … results starting to trickle in.

Justine Greening has been returned for the Tories in Putney – again a huge swing from Labour to Tory, this time of almost 10%.

As reported here earlier, Lady Hermon has been returned as an Independent MP for North Down with a massive 63% of the vote.

1.09 am
Paddy Ashdown calls the exit poll “rubbish” and predicts a small Tory majority.

Torbay result comng in … LIB DEM HOLD IN TORBAY :) 65% turnout AND small swing of 1.1% from Tory to Lib Dem. Huge sigh of relief in my living room!

Adrian Sanders Liberal Democrat 23,126 47.0% (+5.2)
Conservative 19,048 38.7% (+2.9)
Labour 3,231 6.6% (-7.9)

Huge congratulations to Adrian on very successfully squeezing the Labour vote, and increasing the party’s share of the vote. Wonder what Mark Littlewood will make of that one?

1.04 am

First official Tory gain of the night in Kingswood on a swing from Labour of 9.4%. Lib Dem vote slipped back slightly. The exit poll for the Lib Dems in terms of our share of the vote is nooking not inaccurate. What the party will be pinning its hopes on is that our targeting strategy pays off.

1.00 am

Durham North result: Labour hold, but with much-reduced majority, and an 8.9% swing from Labour to Tory. The Lib Dem vote went up, but the Tories leap-frogged us into second place by just 5 votes.

00.53 am

LIB DEM HOLD: Steve Webb has retained Thornbury and Yate. 75% turnout. 4% swing from Lib Dems to Tory, which might suggest the Lib Dems are going to struggle in the west country?

Steve Webb: Liberal Democrat 25,032 51.9% (-2.4)
Conservative 17,916 37.2% (+6.3)
Labour 3,385 7.0% (-3.8)

00.50 am

Congratulations to the Lib Dems’ sister party in Northern Ireland, the Alliance Party, on gaining Belfast East from the DUP’s Peter Robinson on a huge 22% swing. Amazing result.

00.42 am

Alix Mortimer has been in contact with young voters in Sheffield who’ve stated categorically that they were segregated in queuing to vote, with reports that they were told by one official they were only ‘temporary residents’. Unbelievable disgrace.

00.37 am

Unconfirmed reports that Ben Bradshaw has held on in Exeter, where the Lib Dems were in third place.

00.32 am

Lethargy setting in? Try this quiz question: How many prime ministes served under Queen Victoria? Answer later.

00.24 am

Sky reports LIB DEM GAIN: Edinburgh South If so, welcome Fred Mackintosh MP.

00.22 am

Mark Pack has just predicted a Lib Dem gain for Ed Fordham in Hamstead and Kilburn. You can listen live to Mark’s (and other bloggers’) punditry on LBC here.

00.16 am

Bizarre news that in Sheffield voters were split into residents and students lines, with the latter moving more slowly – resulting in fewer students voting. That sounds like a disgrace. (Different matter if voters were divided into those with poll cards and those without). See the Facebook group here for more info.

00.12 am

A welcome tweet from Alison Goldsworthy that Plaid have conceded Ceredigion, so looks like a Lib Dem hold.

00.08 am

The Electoral Commission has pledged to launch a “thorough review” of tonight’s voting chaos. Which is all very well, but 24 hours too late.

12 midnight

BBC looking at Lib Dem targets, naming Durham (against Labour) and Guildford (against Tories) so far. And then a call-out for Redcar, highlighted by Mark Pack earlier today.

Looks like Lady (Sylvia) Hermon will be back in the Commons, according to The Guardian:

Lady (Sylvia) Hermon is expected to be re-elected by a landslide in North Down. She rejected David Cameron’s overtures to join the Ulster Unionist-Conservative alliance and her victory will be seen as a major setback for the joint party project. Hermon left the UUP in protest over the Tory link-up and stood tonight as an independent candidate. Her majority tonight is also expected to be higher the one she enjoyed in 2005.

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