LibLink: Mark Pack – Liberal Democrats: the seats to watch

by Stephen Tall on May 6, 2010

Over at The Guardian’s Comment is Free website, LDV Co-Editor Mark Pack, until last year working at the heart of Lib Dem HQ, picks out his ten must-watch seats to find out how the party is faring.

They range from northern seats where the main challenger is Labour (eg, Leeds North West and Durham) to southern seats where the tussle is with the Tories (eg, Eastleigh and Guildford). Scotland is represented by

Dunfermline and Fife West (2am)

Held after his byelection victory by Willie Rennie, this Scottish seat will throw light on not only how the Lib Dem-Labour battle in Scotland is going but also how soft or hard the SNP vote is in such contests. Will this be an election where the SNP strengthen its position following the last Scottish parliament elections or will the Liberal Democrats once again be the main challengers to Labour at Westminster elections?

and Wales by

Brecon & Radnorshire (2am)

This seat will give a clearer sense of how the Liberal Democrat-Conservative contest is playing out. With a majority of under 4,000 to overturn, a rampant Conservative party would be hoping to take the seat from Roger Williams. A Liberal Democrat hold is looking far more likely, but by how much?

And a couple of seats which have attracted scant media attention, but plenty of attention from the Lib Dem leadership, are also highlighted: Wrexham and Redcar.

You can read Mark’s article in full here.