In case you need an incentive to keep working til the last possible minute …

by Stephen Tall on May 5, 2010

Feet tired, aching, sore from so much delivery? Canvassed so much you’ve forgotten the candidate’s name (and you are the candidate)? Your home a tip, full of surplus leaflets and un-done housework?

In case you needed any further reason for keeping going til you drop for just one more day, here’s a reminder from polling firm ComRes’s Andrew Hawkins:

… some 38% of adults say that they may well change their mind before tomorrow. The party whose supporters are most fickle are the Lib Dems, making their impact especially hard to call.

Also of interest in this final poll is the percentage who are ‘absolutely certain’ to vote, a measure that is usually an excellent indicator of likely turnout. At a whopping 71%, this is the highest we have seen yet in this campaign and suggests turnout will be at around the level we saw last in 1997 (although probably lower than in 1992).

Yes, it looks like the higest general election turnout in 18 years – and those voters who are new, and least likely to vote, are the ones most inclined to vote Lib Dem if they do get to the polling station.

So let’s spend one more day making sure we get out the vote. And then we can all have a rest at the weekend.

Well, unless you’re out delivering your Thank You Focus leaflets, of course. Or we find ourselves in government …