Pollwatch Day 27 #GE2010 – Lib Dems at 28/29% in today’s polls, as Tory support slips

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2010

Two polls published tonight:

YouGov in the Sun … CON 34%(-1) LAB 28% (+1) LIB DEM 29% (+1)
ICM in the Guardian … CON 33%(-3), LAB 28%(-1), LIB DEM 28%(+1)

So, after the excitement of today’s rightwing press salivating at the inevitable Tory election victory to come, we’re back to where we were at the end of last […]

What I said on Radio 4’s The World Tonight

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2010

Friday evening saw me once again taking part in BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight end-of-the-week discussion with the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire and the Evening Standard’s Anne McElvoy. You can listen again (or indeed listen for the first time) here (…)

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Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #167

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2010

Welcome to the Golden Dozen, and our 167th weekly round-up from the Lib Dem blogosphere … Featuring the seven most popular stories according to click-throughs from the Aggregator (25th April – 1st May, 2010), together with a hand-picked quintet, normally courtesy of LibDig, you might otherwise have missed.
Don’t forget: you can now sign up […]

The YouGov poll which shows Nick Clegg won the third TV debate

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2010

An interesting snippet from today’s Sunday Times reporting the latest YouGov tracker poll conducted on Friday and Saturday among nearly 1,500 voters showed that “Nick Clegg narrowly won the debate overall”.
You won’t find the figures in the paper’s report (and I can’t find them on the YouGov site) but the Times’s Samuel Coates reports […]

Tory tax priorities: spend £6 billion on the wealthiest 0.8% in the UK

by Stephen Tall on May 2, 2010

Small wonder that Tory leader David Cameron publicly rowed back on his inheritaance tax cut for millionaires in last week’s televised debate – Lib Dem research released today shows the Tories’ promise would:

cost £6bn over the course of the next Parliament;
is aimed at the wealthiest 0.8% of estates in the UK; and […]