@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-04-30

by Stephen Tall on April 30, 2010

  • Just finished recording slot for BBCR4's World Tonight. Said TV debates were "great for democracy". #clichefail #nickcleggsfault #
  • Cameron really starting to struggle against Paxman. Stumbles over marriage tax plans. #paxman #
  • Good grief, Michael Brown donation /still/ considered to be news by BBC Campaign Show. Wake me when they arrive back at the 2010 election. #
  • @NickThornsby True, tho Vince shd have shut it down sooner: we don't have the money to give it back, was received + spent in good faith. in reply to NickThornsby #
  • @jockox3 Hmm, not sure the "but the others are just as bad, miss" argument ever cuts much electoral mustard. in reply to jockox3 #
  • @NickThornsby Don't remind me … am avoiding tuning in. in reply to NickThornsby #
  • @glenoglaza There is always +/-3% moe in every poll w/ sample size c.1,000. n addition, 1 in 20 polls will fall outside that moe. in reply to glenoglaza #
  • RT @libdig So, what do the Conservatives think of other countries? via @MarkPack http://libdig.co.uk/1978 << short post, well worth a read. #