Another endorsement for the Lib Dems – this time from Liberal Conspiracy

by Stephen Tall on April 30, 2010

Sunny Hundal, founding editor of the most influential left-of-centre blog Liberal Conspiracy, has just blogged his endorsement of the Lib Dems for the coming election:

After last night’s debate one thing really struck me. We on the left and many Labourites who are also on the left, fight against discrimination and marginalised people. This is why we attack the Tories for their homophobia and their flashes of racism.

But the way that both Labour and the Tories (the latter expected anyway) not only dismissed the idea of an amnesty, but actually dog-whistled throughout about how the Libdem plan would wreak havoc sickened me. …

the people who do claim to be in politics for the poor and the marginalised cannot claim that we should not have sympathy for these people. And it made me sick when all Brown could do was attack Clegg for even suggesting a very meek policy, rather than offering ideas of his own. This is a man with no ideas. He is not fit to lead the country (neither is Cameron of course, but I was always going to say that).

I am proud to see myself on the Left and I am proud of what the Left stands for. I just don’t believe this Labour government stands for the same values.

Sunny’s endorsement of the Lib Dems follows hot on the heels of The Guardian, and an impressive group of progressive writers.

We’re just waiting now for the Fabian’s Sunder Katawala and Left Foot Forward’s Will Straw: it can only be a matter of time, surely?