‘Cleggmania’ sees surge in Lib Dem donations: have you given yet?

by Stephen Tall on April 26, 2010

The Times reports:

The Liberal Democrats have benefited from a double-digit percentage surge in party donations since Nick Clegg’s success in the first television debate almost a fortnight ago.

The Times has learnt that the bulk of the increase in political funds has come from individuals — especially through the internet — who typically give around £20 each. The Lib Dems have the highest proportion of individual donors of any of the three main parties. …

One senior Lib Dem told The Times that the party started with about £4 million to spend on running its general election campaign, but that the debates triggered a rise in new money being pledged.

It’s wonderful news that so many people have given what they can to help the Lib Deme election campaign, taking on the might of the Labservatives‘ vested interests of the trade unions and big business.

Why not make a donation to the Lib Dems today to show your support, and help change the course of british politics?

Here are some examples of what your gift could do to help the party get its message across:

    * £10 will pay for a Focus newsletter for 500 houses
    * £25 will buy 2,000 tabloid-style newspapers
    * £50 pays for a dozen super-size election garden posters
    * £100 will cover a Focus leaflet for a whole ward
    * £250 will pay for 10,000 addressed letters to be delivered by volunteers

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* Mark Pack noted yesterday that the Electoral Commission has promised to try and make its news releases clearer after the media widely mis-reported the figures fior the first week’s campaign. You can reda the story here.