3 out of 5 polls point to narrow Clegg victory in televised debate

by Stephen Tall on April 22, 2010

The verdicts are coming in – you can read what I thought here – and two out of three of tonight’s instant polls show Nick Clegg edging tonight’s Sky News televised debate:

    Angus Reid … Clegg 33%, Cameron 32%, Brown 23%
    ComRes … Clegg 33%, Cameron 30%, Brown 30%
    YouGov … Clegg 32%, Cameron 36%, Brown 29%

What’s clear is that this debate was a much close contest than last week’s first debate, much more evenly matched between the three leaders. Clegg was at least as good, but – to give them their due – both Cameron and in particular Brown had improved.

What’s unclear is how it will affect the party ratings. My guess is that tonight will have confimed existing views rather than changed minds. And given viewing figures are likely to be far lower than last week’s debate – and given it’s the middle debate – I can’t see tonight being a game-changer for anyone.

Update: one further poll, Populus in The Times, shows Cameron edging Clegg 37% to 36%, with Brown trailing on 27%.

Update 2: and another one, this time ICM for the Guardian, putting Clegg on 33%, with Brown and David Cameron level on 29%.