Telegraph smear story exposed as BBC states Tories behind ‘Get Clegg’ newspaper campaign

by Stephen Tall on April 22, 2010

Last night the Telegraph splashed its entire front page with a silly smear story about Nick Clegg receiving donations into his bank account. It’s been demolished within 24 hours, as the BBC reports:

Mr Clegg released copies of his bank statements and other paperwork in an attempt to clear up the row. The figures released by […]

3 out of 5 polls point to narrow Clegg victory in televised debate

by Stephen Tall on April 22, 2010

The verdicts are coming in – you can read what I thought here – and two out of three of tonight’s instant polls show Nick Clegg edging tonight’s Sky News televised debate:

Angus Reid … Clegg 33%, Cameron 32%, Brown 23%
ComRes … Clegg 33%, Cameron 30%, Brown 30%
YouGov … Clegg 32%, Cameron 36%, Brown 29%

What’s clear […]

The Second Leaders’ Debate: live-blog and live-chat

by Stephen Tall on April 22, 2010

Welcome to Lib Dem Voice’s coverage of the second televised debate between the three main party leaders, an event perhaps even more keenly anticpated than last week’s inaugural debate – though the viewing figures will almost certainly be fewer. As last week, we’re co-hosting live-chat, below, simultaneously with the Mark Reckons blog.
Yes, I think […]

Too busy to read all the ‘Get Clegg’ smears in the rightwing press? Here they all are in one handy digest

by Stephen Tall on April 22, 2010

Look, we have two choices today as Liberal Democrats. We can either get frustrated and depressed at the rightwing media’s decision to fling every possible smear at Nick Clegg and the party – or we can regard it as a massive compliment that, perhaps for the first time ever, the Lib Dems have got the […]