Lib Dems lead the digital way … on the Web, on Twitter and on Facebook

by Stephen Tall on April 21, 2010

The jury might be out on whether the 2010 general election is living up to its billing as ‘The Internet Election’, but the verdict on the Lib Dems’ use of the web is a thumbs-up.

The party website

First up, As today’s Guardian reports:

Fresh from being crowned king of TV following the first leaders’ debate on ITV1 last week, Nick Clegg can also polish his digital halo after a new report found that the Liberal Democrats have the most user-friendly website. It seems that Clegg, the self-styled people’s champion, presides over a website most fit for the people, according to the Political Usability Report. The report, which examined the user-friendliness of the websites of 10 parties that hold seats in the House of Commons, rated the Lib Dems’ digital presence a top-ranking 80 out of 100.

The Tories and Labour trailed in the Lib Dems’ wake.

The party’s Twitterati

Congrats, too, to the party and Nick Clegg for climbing the list of influential Twitterers, as measured by TweetLevel. The Evening Standard’s Paul Waugh reports:

the highest climber, surprise, surprise, is Nick Clegg (and the Lib Dems as a party). The Lib Dems Twitter account is the second most influential having previously been 8th place. Nick Clegg is now the 10th most influential – moving up from 21st place

Other Lib Dems in the top 100 include: Mark Pack, Jo Swinson MP, Sarah Bedford, Will Howells, Helen Duffett, Lynne Featherstone MP, Bridget Fox, Nick Radford, Richard Gadsden, Sandra Gidley, Martin Tod, Vince Cable MP and Ed Fordham. *crosses fingers and hopes he’s not missed any*

And on Facebook

We’ve mentioned it before, but we make no apology for highlighting it again – the unofficial Facebook fan group We got Rage Against the Machine to #1, we can get the Lib Dems into office! now has 128,035 members.

And its members are originating some of the funniest political poster spoofs around. Here are three of the best I’ve seen today.

*Caution: contains rude words*