Tories’ new poster revealed, their failed strategy exposed

by Stephen Tall on April 20, 2010

Mark Pack posed the intriguing question this morning on LDV, So, what is the Conservative Party strategy now?

I would only question Mark’s use of the word ‘now’: for a long time it’s been hard to discern the Tories’ strategy beyond their assumption that it was their turn to become the next Labservative government.

We’ve seen yet another example of that today, with the mixed messages sent out by the Tories. On the one hand, they say they will ‘focus on the positive’. Yet which advert do they release in order to back up that claim? This one, with a picture of a pumped-up David Cameron promising to “cut benefits for those who refuse work”.

It’s not a positive poster. It’s not a poster designed to reach out to new voters. It’s a poster designed purely and simply to shore up the Tories’ core vote.

Four years of Cameronism and the desperate attempt to detoxify the Tory brand ditched after four days’ bad polls. And they say Dave is at his best when his back is to the wall? Not on this evidence.

Here’s a different version of the Tories new poster, as mocked-up by LDV’s own Alex Foster:

EDIT: Tim Ireland has a nice blank template of this poster, if you feel moved to express yourself creatively.