Pollwatch Day 13 #GE2010 – YouGov puts Lib Dems in lead with 33%

by Stephen Tall on April 18, 2010

Only one new poll being reported tonight … almost not worth mentioning. Oh, alright then, it does happen to show the Lib Dems in first place, so here goes:

    YouGov in the Sun … CON 32%(-1), LAB 26%(-3), LIB DEM 33%(+4) Which makes it the sixth poll in succession to place the Lib Dems at 30% within the margin of error. That’s what we call a trend. Of course, it might prove to be only a blip. Or it might be the start of something really quite major. Time will tell.

    We’re starting to see the swing to the Lib Dems work through Anthony Wells’ UK Polling Report’s ‘poll of polls’, which is currently showing:

      Con 35%, Lab 30%, Lib Dem 24%

    What will happen next? Who know. Here’s Anthony’s take:

    … on one hand the Lib Dems are likely to face a concerted attack from the other parties and hostile newspapers, on the other hand if they stay at this level there will be a snowballing effect of them being seen to be on a roll, the Lib Dem’s normal weaknesses of being seen as a wasted vote will be whittled away, and if the two main parties start focusing their fire upon the Lib Dems it may well backfire by making them seem negative and the Lib Dems as the real challenger.